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Virginia Marriage Records

According to the University of Virginia: "Commitment to marriage or emotional engagement is key to a wife's happiness. Sociologists Bradford Wilcox, resident fellow at the Institute of American Values in New York City and Steven Nock, a professor of sociology at the University of Virginia, found out that the most important factor for women with happy marriages is the level of emotional engagement of their husbands which rises above financial provision or equality in their roles in the home. Housewives-those whose husbands earn the financial share in their household, who work in their homes- also rated to be the happiest among other women. The study involved 5,000 American families. Wilcox's and Nock's study entitled 'What's Love Got to do With It's Equality, Equity, Commitment, and Women's Marital Quality'."

The study also finds that women whose values tend to be on the traditional side (meaning women should be in charge of the home and men should be in charge of earning) are happier in their marriages despite all the talks about gender equality nowadays. So, for those who wish to get married, keep in mind that the complexity revolves around the propensity of assurance women feel when their husbands provide well and also the need to feel that each is doing a 50-50 share in the tending of their homes.

That being said, the same goes for wedding preparations and doing of trivial chores like working on marriage contracts and documentations. Togetherness is a must in these tasks not only because women need to feel that their husbands are emotionally engaged from the start but to assure that all information provided is correct. Correcting a vital record such as a birth or marriage certificate is harder than obtaining one.

First off, to obtain Virginia marriage records you must present a valid picture ID such as a military ID, state ID, passport or driver's license and a certified copy of the birth certificate of both parties should be presented. Some counties require that the couple be present during the time of application. Applicants should provide vital information under oath. Any information stated in falsehood is punishable by law. One does not have to be a resident of Virginia to apply.

If previously married, some counties require documentation proving that the previous marriage has been terminated, such as divorce or death certificates. Most counties though do not need a lead time from time of previous marriage termination to time of remarriage unless the remarriage has been banned by law. The fee is for the license is $30 and is payable in cash only. For minors, 16 to 17 years old, personal or written consent by the parents should be provided before applying. However, in cases when a girl is pregnant or one of the parties does not have parents to account for him or her, marriage of minors is allowed.

In Virginia, Common Law Marriages and Same Sex Marriages are not allowed. It is also prohibited when one of the parties involved lacks the mental capacity to enter into marriage. The license is valid for up to 60 days and is only valid in the State of Virginia. These requirements do have a tendency to change, though, so it is best to check with the Local Marriage License Office to get the details straight before applying.

Virginia marriage records can be retrieved at the Office of Vital Records, a division of the Virginia Department of Health. The website is also a good tool to retrieve the schedule for office hours and official holidays when the office will be closed. For walk-ins, a fee of $12 needs to be paid for a certified true copy. The fee is payable via check or cash. The processing clerk will ask for a valid Photo ID and the copy will be given to you.

For those who wish to obtain Virginia Marriage Records via mail, information such as the date and place of marriage, the name of person placed in the certificate, the reason for getting the certificate, your area code and your daytime phone number and return address is needed. The $12 fee is payable through money order or check. Cash is not allowed via mail. Checks should be payable to the State Health Department. The Office requires 10 working days.

Online Virginia Marriage Record Requests

For those who are no longer in the State but wish to obtain Virginia marriage records or for those who are too busy to go to the Vital Statistics Office, the most ideal way to get Virginia marriage records is through a third party company commissioned by the State of Virginia to issue vital records or warrant record searches.
The application for parties can only use Virginia marriage records online directly connected to the couple such as the parents, adult siblings, adult children or the couple themselves. If the person issuing the application is not a direct family member, then a proof of entitlement and valid government ID needs to be faxed to 800.244.2515.

Virginia marriage records are vital for any couple's ongoing life together. Certified true copies are required for almost anything that has mutual benefits such as Social Security, Insurance or even the legitimacy of the couple's children together. On an emotional level, a Virginia Marriage Record is written proof of the commitment both the couple has made to each other.