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Vermont Marriage Records

All Vermont marriage records require a fee to obtain or order. Marriage licenses in Vermont usually cost to up to $45.00. This may vary from county to county. The license is valid for 60 days from the time it is issued. The couple doesn't have to be a resident of Vermont to apply for a license. They should apply in the county where they will be married. Residents will have to apply in the town where one or both of them resides. For identification, a certified true copy of the birth certificate or driver's license is needed. The mother's maiden name and the state where parents were married is also a requirement. This can be found in the certified true copy of your birth certificate. Town clerks usually require that one member of the couple be present to sign the license.

For those who were previously married, a copy of the divorce papers is required. This can be acquired in the district office where the divorce was filed. Vermont does not require any tests and does not have a waiting period. Due to the new bill passed, anyone under the age of 16 cannot apply for a license. Those who are 16 to 18 will have to show a document proving their parents' consent. The liberated Vermont also allows cousin marriages although this applied to residents or residents of other states where cousin marriage is allowed. Proxy marriages are not allowed in Vermont. The bride and groom has to be, body and soul, present in the ceremony. There is also no need for witnesses to the ceremony.

Before the ceremony is conducted, the license will have to be given to the person officiating for the signing and giving of vital information such as the place, date and information about the officiating person. This will be signed and placed on record. The marriage certificate associated with Vermont marriage records is usually issued 10 days after marriage has occurred. A certificate giving authority to a temporary officiating person should be attached to the license. After which, the license should be returned to the County Clerk.

Once it has been placed under official record, a certified true copy can be obtained from the same clerk who issued it. However, for those who are from different states who immediately go home right after marriage, you will have to request to have the copy mailed home. The marriage certificate itself will cost about $10. The couple can also go to the Vermont Department of Health, Vital Statistics Unit to get a certified true copy complete with town seal and official's signature.

Online Vermont Marriage Record Requests

For those who are seeking Vermont marriage records for whatever purpose it may serve them, they can be obtained through Vermont's Department of Health website. Vital records such as birth, death and divorce certificates can also be obtained here. This applies to couples who have gotten married in the last five years. The same website will also issue a verification or request for record search. They will request for information such as Date and Town of marriage, name of bride, groom or spouse and name of parents. For older records, meaning from 1909 to 2003, Vermont's Vital Records Certification office can be contacted or one can order from the website of the Secretary of State. Certified true copies, whether ordered online or requested by mail, will take 5 to 10 working days to obtain.