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Utah Marriage Records

New statistics show that Utah's marriage rate ranks sixth highest in the United States. Approximately 10.6 Utahans get married per 1,000 residents. Nevada comes in first with 75 residents per 1,000 get married. Analysts say this is due partly to the high marriage rate but others may see this as a risk factor. Google "Utah Marriage" and you will see websites dedicated to helping marriages succeed with online classes whose subjects include "7 Basic Needs of Healthy Couple," "Spice Up Your Marriage," and for the profusely single, "High Adventure Date Night." You can also find the numbers of several Utahan therapists promising better couple communication.
In a successful marriage, preparation is always key. The same goes for weddings. The proper documentation should be prepared a month or two before the planned date. One doesn't have to be a resident of Utah to get a marriage license. This will cost about $50 depending on the county and is payable by cash, credit or debit card. The license is valid up to 30 days and will expire if not used. It can be used anywhere in the state of Utah. At least one form of accepted identification is needed such as a driver's license, certified true copy of the birth certificate, passport. Utah State also requires the social security numbers of the people applying for a license. The birth certificate of both parties should also be prepared because Utah needs the name, birthplace and maiden names of parents. For those who were previously married, unlike some states, only the date of the divorce or the date of death is needed. A proxy marriage is not allowed in Utah although Iron County makes exceptions if the County Clerk permits.

A unique law in Utah is one that involves the marriage of cousins. Cousins who are 65 years above are allowed to marry without the consent of the state while those 55 years above will have to produce a medical documentation confirming they can no longer give birth or are capable of siring children. This is due to scares of genetic abnormalities attached to children of people who are closely related to each other. Minors will have to bring their parents with them to the county clerk in order to verify their consent on the couple's marriage. Those who are requesting a license at 15 years of age will have to pass through a juvenile judge from the county of residence or by a court commissioner. The documentation should be returned to the County Clerk whether or not the marriage has been solemnized after the due date. The Utah State Courts have given guidelines on the issuance of a license and certificate on their website.

Certified true copies of Utah marriage records generally cost $5 each, but the price may vary from county to county. Search fees that include one certified true copy are at $16 and each additional copy after is at $8. One can apply in person at the Vital Records Salt Lake City Office or place an order via phone using a credit card. The toll free number is 866-632-260. Certificates are usually mailed within 3 weeks from time of request. The application required to obtain a marriage certificate can be downloaded from the Utah Health and Human Services website.

Online Utah Marriage Record Requests

All Utah marriage records can also be requested online. The Utah County Government's Official Website, Utah County Online, as well as the Official Website for the State of Utah, Department of Vital Records has forms available. Based on the Utah Code, Section 26.2.22, vital records such as that of the marriage certificate can only be given to the immediate family of the couple or someone who has written permission from the courts. The code was passed after a string of identity thefts in the state. 

A certified abstract can be given from the office if the event occurred between the years 1978 and 2008. They are considered as certification summaries and not true copies. If this isn't what an insurance company, government office or whoever else requires the copy needs, then it is best to check with the body prior to ordering a form. A website - a sole third party vendor authorized by the Office of Vital records to carry out the process of online, phone or fax requests - is endorsed by Utah Government's website.