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Texas Marriage Records

No matter how many couples there are in the world and no matter how many love stories, each one will always be special. This is how Preston Collich and Leah Crutcher consider their love story that was featured in The Dallas Morning News. Leah, being a common friend of Preston's brother, Trey, was once only a distant admirer. Preston was 2 years her senior. They first met back when they were still in 8th and 6th grade. Time passed and they met again in their College and High school years when they finally hit it off. After a long wait, they were finally married late in August 2008. Preston popped the question in Central Park during a romantic carriage ride.

For those wishing to have a fairytale proposal and marriage like this, it would probably be harder to come by now than what you expected. Not only is the economic recession taking its toll on those who wish to have grand proposals, weddings and receptions but even Texas Marriage Licenses are becoming more expensive to obtain. Effective last September 2008 was the increase in cost of marriage licenses from $30 to $60. This cost can be waived if the couple takes an 8-hour crash course on communication and discipline.

Texas is a great state for those who wish to travel, sightsee and get married at the same time. For those who are currently planning marriage, it is easy to grow wary of the documents, seminars and major financial planning required.  In Texas, there is usually a 72-hour waiting period from the time of application but there are exceptions made for special cases such as those who are in military duty. If one was previously married, then there is a 30-day waiting period from the time of divorce. A copy of the divorce papers has to be shown. For minors (those who are 16 or 17), a formal parent's consent has to be shown or documents from the Texas district giving permission to perform the marriage.

Aside from the usual form of identification such as driver's license, a Social Security number, military ID card, U.S. passport or certified true copy of one's birth certificate, a person is also required to present a Texas Marriage Record. These are state public records that certify the single status of the potential husband or wife. Marriage records contain information such as time and place of marriage, witnesses, parents and officiating person. This is a document essential for other government benefits such as social security benefits, insurance benefits, legibility of a child or for women requesting to change back to their maiden names.

For those who need Texas Marriage Records, a quick search on the Texas Department of State Health Services website can yield a wealth of information. Certified true copies of marriage can only be obtained from the county to which it was applied in. This will usually cost $9 depending on the county, and depending on how far back the marriage occurred it would probably take about half an hour to 2 hours of searching. However, some people request for letters from the Texas Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics or from the same website to verify whether marriage has truly occurred in the state. Marriages that occurred from 1966 to 2008 can be seen or are available online for free download.

Request Copies and Online Marriage Forms and Licenses

It is convenient for people from different states who got married in Texas to fly to the said state just to get formal Texas marriage records. Thanks to technology and the ever-growing demand to make things more convenient, the requester may now start the process by ordering online. Texas Online, the official government site for the state of Texas, provides an application form that requires the full name of the husband, full name of wife, date of marriage and place of marriage. The estimated time is 10 to 15 days given that the person who requested it wants it delivered within the United States, U.S. territories, U.S. commonwealths or military bases from the U.S and paid for it using a valid credit card.

The form may also be answered and mailed through regular mail at the US Postal Service. It can be paid with a credit card, check or money order. This, though, is not recommended since it takes about 6 to 8 weeks from time of request to the time of arrival. Other sites will also assist the search of the public record prior to requesting it.