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Tennessee Marriage Records

The Volunteer State, which is more formally known as the state of Tennessee, is a Southern state that's fully and thoroughly in the 21st century and has embraced the digital millennium with enthusiasm. This state with its efforts and a boundless determination to get all of its records and documents, including Tennessee marriage records, on some form of electronic storage media has done quite a job.

The Tennessee state government has made this determination with the understanding that all public documents such as marriage records, birth and death records and titles and wills need to be made fully available upon request by a citizen. The state realizes that this is not only the law but also the right thing to do and a Tennessee marriage record is no different.

Such records in the old days were often quite hard to access at one of the many county or state offices of vital records.  For example, the state undertook an effort to put all of its older records on two computer hard drives or storage disks and also created a protocol for immediate entry of any new records onto the same storage media.

This has allowed a person, once he or she has learned a bit about how to access such records, to arrange for a request of Tennessee public marriage records with relatively little trouble. The first thing that a person will normally do in this day and age is of course utilize a computer to go online to the Internet and find the appropriate website -- whether state or non-government -- and start the process.

Usually, when using the Internet, most people will head to one of the big search engines such as Google or Yahoo and enter in a phrase like "marriage records in Tennessee" and then begin taking a look at all of the results that are returned in response to that query. Chances are, there are likely to be literally thousands of such responses, though it's only usually necessary to look at the first 2 to 4 pages of results to find what is needed.

What you usually will find is either a state website or Web portal or one of those non-government, private entity websites that are set up to help assist a person in obtaining any sort of public document that might be required, including marriage records for Tennessee. Young people today have no idea of how much easier it is to find such records these days.

Just 10 or 15 years ago engaging in a Tennessee marriage records search meant using a phone directory and then heading down to a county or state office and possibly spending more than a few hours going from department to department in search of the proper record or a person who could help locate such a record. Nowadays the issue is much easier to address.

This is because even some of the oldest records that the state still maintains are computerized and can be pulled up in a matter of seconds or -- at the most -- minutes. This includes old Tennessee marriage license records going back to the early 19th or even 20th centuries. Groups of people who make great use of this capability nowadays are investigative reporters, whose jobs have now become much easier.

Additionally, people like genealogists -- who are out there trying to put together family trees or do other historical research -- make great use of such computerized records in Tennessee, as do private investigators, though they're most likely out there for a different reason altogether. Regardless, it can be a liberating feeling to know that finding something like Tennessee marriage records has become so much easier.

Complete Tennessee Marriage Record Request Sources

As far as where one can go to find something like marriage records in Tennessee, when the need is not related to going to the state database to find such items, it's always a good idea to make use of a number of other sources and resources, including private web businesses that will handle the transaction discreetly and in a very thorough manner.

Many times, these sorts of businesses can take a person by the hand and run them through the process in just a few minutes, and after the payment of a very nominal fee, have the document in their hands within 24 hours, if not within a matter of seconds if the document is allowed to be sent online. For those that may not have a computer available, many such services advertise in the phone directories.

For those who have a mobile device such as a cell phone that's been equipped to use the Internet, there are many ways of having mobile Tennessee marriage records sent right to the cell phone or at least make the record request online on the cell phone. This has given a level of convenience to people who -- while they may not be great with a computer -- can still use a cell phone to get what they need done.

The state of Tennessee has also made available a number of helpful pamphlets and flyers that seek to inform its citizens of their ability to request and then obtain Tennessee marriage records online or through a mobile device and then in the mail or through an overnight delivery service. There are usually nominal fees attached to such requests, though it is not unusual for the state to look at a person's financial circumstance when a document is being requested.

In the old days, most states could afford to make a copy of a marriage record for free or charge just a few pennies for the reproduction. However, in these economically challenging times, states look to capture revenue where they can, so be prepared to pay a fee to the state if looking for something like a marriage record.

This is why engaging the services of one of those web-based companies might make more sense in the long run, especially if a fee is to be paid anyway. Those companies can do a thorough Tennessee Marriage Records Search and then get the documents to the requester in what would appear to be record time, especially when compared to the length of time it might take the state to do so.

This isn't really a criticism of what the state can and cannot do -- because Tennessee has come quite a long way in the new digital age -- but more of an observation that if time is very important, it might be a good idea to investigate some sort of website or service from a company that can handle everything for a person, especially when that person might not be completely comfortable utilizing a computer or the Internet.

However, if time is not really important or if a person can make his or her way to a public library in almost any city or town or municipality in the state, it's generally a given that most public libraries in the state will have computer access and staff that can help a person learn enough to get online and work either with the state website or with one of those private companies that can help a person locate marriage records for Tennessee in relatively short order.

Remember, things like marriage records are public documents and there are more than a few ways to find such public documents these days, including through a state website -- which can work fine if one has a bit of time to wait on getting a document back -- or through more than a few web-based services that will handle completely the issue of locating and then arranging for a document.

To be sure, Tennessee marriage records, are needed for many reasons, including proving eligibility for certain government benefits for a spouse or relative. This is why the state worked so hard to make its records available to its citizens, and has continued to computerize not only its historical records but also any records created in the modern day.