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Maine Marriage Records

In most couples lives the memory of marriage, which is a memory they remember and treasure all their lives. The bride and groom make promises to each other and this promise is recorded in a marriage license. All Maine marriage Records can be found at Maine Vital Records. This registry contains a searchable marriage index. Registration of marriage started in Maine in 1892. Marriage records from 1892 to 1922 can be found at the Maine State Archives research room or you can order them by mail from the Archives. The Maine Department Of Health Services has information about housing for newlyweds.
If you are into genealogy and are looking for information to fill in your family tree, Maine Genealogy records can be found for all counties in the State of Maine. The records are open to the public so getting access to them is not a problem.  Also available are the bride and grooms family members' names. Their wedding announcements can also be found during this search along with access to the marriage certificate. Many other court marriage record resources are also available. Certified copies of marriage records from 1923 to present day can be found at the Office of Vital Records.

If you are not able to search for marriage records online there is another option available to you. You can always write to:

Office of Vital Records
244 Water Street
Augusta, Maine 04333-0011

Microfilm copies of marriage records from 1922 to 1955 can be viewed in the State Archives research room. Remember to send the $15.00 fee for this request along with a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Get Official Copies of Maine Marriage Records Online

To start your online search you must have the bride's maiden name, the groom's full name, and their date of marriage and the name of the county in which they were married.  When filling out the form online make sure you are clear and concise and also include your name, address, signature and phone number.  Anybody should be able to get this information whenever they want it.  Maine marriage record leads can be found by using your favorite search engine.  Keeping the proper spelling of spouses' names is extremely important for those who update these databases.
So whether you are just wondering if an old classmate has married or you're trying to fill in the gap in your family tree, the Maine marriage records are the best place to find this information.  It's fast and easy, and even if you only get one good lead its worth the effort you put into this quest.