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Illinois Marriage Records

While one person might need Illinois marriage records for a simple background check, another may need these records to apply for a new passport or research the genealogical record. Whatever your needs might be you will be happy that this great new option of records search is available to you in such an easy to use form. When you are getting ready to remarry you will soon find that the forms that you need to apply for a marriage license are very easily via the state website.

Illinois marriage records are extremely easy to find. In terms of providing legal proof of your marriage or in terms of researching your family tree, an online search and request can save your valuable time and effort. Even if you just need to use Illinois marriage records to ensure that you have the right information when it comes to a client's needs, the speed and accessibility of the Internet is hard to beat.

Request Copies and Online Marriage Forms and Licenses

The Illinois Department of Heath and Human Services can help you replace a lost or stolen marriage certificate, license, or marriage visa. The amount of time this will save you is enormous. You will be able to better utilize these records directly from your home or office. All requests for marriage record copies must include the following information:

  •     Your name
  •     Your address
  •     Your social security number
  •     Your relationship to either person listed on the marriage certificate
  •     Your contact phone number and email
  •     Your credit or debit card information

All copies will be mailed to the address you provide. Marriage record copies cannot be emailed. In some circumstances, these records can be faxed, but that will require the expressed, written consent of the county clerk's office.