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Hawaii Marriage Records

Although the Aloha State is known for its tranquil, laidback outlook, when it comes to the state bureaucracy, the climate is far from tranquil. Finding Hawaii marriage records once required exhausting hours spent waiting in line after line. Now, all state marriage records can be located and requested online. All such records can be accessed through the Hawaii State Department of Vital Records.

Get Official Copies of Hawaii Marriage Records Online

If you have misplaced or lost your marriage certificate or license, you can order a duplicate online. Moreover, if you are planning to marry, you will need to submit a marriage license to the Department of Health and Human Services well in advance of the wedding date. You will not be able to file for a marriage certificate without a valid marriage license.

Accessing an existing Hawaii marriage record will require submitting a detailed request form. This form will ask for your relationship with the people on file and your social security number. Though marriage records are considers subject to the public domain, they are still vital records that require the petitioner to identify him or herself. For verification purposes, many financial institutions and potential employers may use your social security number to verify your marital status. This is not as common as conducting a background criminal search or even a credit check. 

Though the Aloha State is relatively small, in terms of both population and total area, it has one of the highest rates of unemployment and government-based social service programs. As a result, the state offices tend to be very crowded during business hours. Utilizing the online request forms and databases can save you significant time and effort.