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Georgia Marriage Records

We must agree when marriage records are mentioned, the first thing that comes to anyone's mind is ancestors, search for family members, or relatives. Marriage records can be used for a number of reasons, but many people are becoming more and more interested in finding out who their ancestors are. The internet has really helped make information accessible to everybody. Indeed, Georgia marriage records can be reviewed for genealogical and verification purposes.

The Georgia Department of Community Health (vital records division) has Georgia marriage records from 1952 to the present. If you are or were a resident of Georgia, all you need to do is go online and look for them. Georgia marriage records are not only used to locate ancestors and marriage records in general, but can also be used to help determine the marital status of certain people. 

The history of Georgia marriage records started 34 years before Georgia's statehood. The Georgia marriage records will guide you in finding your ancestors, but expert genealogists advise that all marriage records should be verified for accuracy. Knowing about your ancestors can help you discover family traditions, influences, and traits, etc. This can help you understand certain about your family history.

Genealogy research can be pretty interesting, especially if you're a history buff.  You don't have to be a pro in order to trace your ancestors, but you might need some genealogical tips in order to help in your search, especially when the integrity of the information is of the utmost importance. You can get genealogical tips from experts on the internet free of charge.

Get Official Copies of Georgia Marriage Records Online

After conducting your Georgia marriage records search, you can get copies of Georgia marriage records by simply providing the following information and other necessary requirements:

  •     The full name of the groom
  •     The full name of the bride
  •     The date the marriage took place (the month, day and year)
  •     The location of the wedding ceremony (the city or county)
  •     The number of Georgia marriage records copies requested

Note: Georgia marriage records can only be obtained through the mail and in person, but never via email.

Georgia marriage records, like most states, are created at the county level. While some counties in Georgia kept marriage records before 1805, some did not as Georgia did not require the recording of marriage licenses until 1805. Sadly, some marriage records were lost in courthouse fires.