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Colorado Marriage Records

There are several reasons why people request marriage records, among them are genealogical searches, replacing lost records, and filing taxes. Colorado public marriage records re very useful for genealogical searches, which have become very common hobby. These records can also help people who are in a serious relationship discover the truth about their partner's marital past. Just remember that people change their names, especially if they had been married before. Accessing Colorado marriage records can be done via the county clerk office where the marriage took place.

When searching for Colorado marriage records online, you may be able to verify the following information:

  •     The name and age of the bride
  •     The name and age of the bridegroom
  •     The date of the marriage
  •     The state and the county where the marriage took place
  •     The filing number
  •     Criminal records -- if any
  •     Couple's address history
  •     Property records
  •     Judgments, bankruptcies, and liens

Please note that not all Colorado marriage records contain all the above information. Some marriage records contain other information such as the names and addresses of the parents of the bride and groom. Some Colorado marriage records even include the occupations of the couple. This gives insightful information on the their lives and how well off they could be, or were. Reviewing state marriage records is the best place to start if you are interested in knowing more about your ancestors and filling in your family tree. The Internet will certainly make your search easy and efficient.

Find Colorado Marriage Records and Request Copies

You can search for and receive copies of Colorado marriage records online. Colorado marriage records offer you the opportunity to search for and quickly get the information you need. You can get copies of these marriage records and other related documents by simply requesting them. Copies sent via mail, which means it could take between one and three weeks to receive them.
Please note when searching for Colorado marriage records it helps to know the county where the license was issued. If you do, you can easily get copies of Colorado marriage records by contacting the county clerk's office. You can also contact Colorado Department for Public Health and Environment for information on how to easily find Colorado marriage records.

If you are looking for Colorado marriage records that cover the years 1900 to 1939, you can also check the Colorado State Archives, but groom lists the index for 1900 to 1939 only. From 1975 to present day, the index may be searched using the groom or bride's name. Finding marriage records in Colorado is pretty easy. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection and you're good to go.