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Arizona Marriage Records

If you think your ancestors are originally from Arizona, then you can start your research by reviewing Arizona marriage records. In order to get information on marriage records from the state of Arizona, you can contact the Clerk of the Superior Court in the county where the marriage took place, as each county is responsible for keeping its own marriage records. Arizona is a closed state, which means vital records and information is not available to the public. If you wish to receive a copy of an Arizona marriage certificate, you must be able to provide proper identification with a photo ID. You also need to show proof of relationship and have your request notarized. You can also visit Arizona Department of Health Services in order to get more information. You can search for marriage records online and find exactly what you are looking for.

Find Marriage Records in Arizona and Get Copies

Searching for a long line of ancestors in no picnic, but with modern technology you can carry out the research without losing your mind. Most Arizona marriage records can be requested, free of charge. With the introduction of the internet, more and more couples register their marriage records online themselves, using pictures and/ or videos. This makes it easier for people searching for marriage records in the future. You can get copies of marriage records by mail, fax, and telephone. If you live in Arizona, you can also go to the clerk's office (Clerks of the Superior Court) from Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Court Clerks in each Arizona County have marriage records starting from the following dates:

  • Apache County  has marriage records from 1879
  • Cochise County - from 1881
  • Coconino County  - from 1891
  • Gila County - from 1889
  • Graham County  from 1881
  • Greenlee County - from 1911
  • La Paz County  from 1983
  • Maricopa County - from 1871
  • Mohave County - from 1887
  • Navajo County - from 1895
  • Pima County - from 1872
  • Pinal County - from 1875
  • Santa Cruz County - from 1889
  • Yavapai County - from 1865
  • Yuma County - from 1864
Knowing when your ancestors were married, even the year, will help fill in your family tree that much sooner. There is nothing like having a good family that love you and care about you, some people still feel like complete losers even though they are financially well-off, why? Because they long to find the missing link in their lives -- maybe that is why some people spend a lot of money in order to find long lost relatives. You might not be rich, but having a family to go home to usually puts a smile on the faces of most people.