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Alaska Marriage Records

Although Alaska is isolated from the other 49 states in America, it also has a tremendous history, having once belonged to Great Britain and the Russian Empire. Many families have settled in Alaska, appreciating it rugged beauty and predominant ethos of self-reliance and community. For couple seeking to get married, or for couples who have misplaced their marriage certificate, any and all Alaska marriage records can be requested online.

You can obtain Alaska marriage records of various individuals who were legally married in Alaska from the Alaska Vital Records (Bureau of Vital Statistics). However, according to the law of the state, all vital statistics (i.e. marriage records) are confidential and are only made public after 50 years. You can also find more information on Alaska marriage records from the Alaska Genealogy Guide.

Find Marriage Records in Alaska and Get Copies

If you are searching for marriage records in Alaska, you will have to apply for them, especially if the records are less than 50 years old. In order to find and get copies of Alaska marriage records, you must state your relationship with the individual on the certificate or the reason you need the record. You must also include a copy of your government-issued photo ID. In addition, please note that Alaska doesn't accept telephone orders.

To get copies of Alaska marriage records (from 1950 to today), simply abide by the following:

  •     Make sure you print and fill in the request form and mail it to the appropriate address.
  •     It is advised to mail or fax the request because vital records requests are known to contain confidential information.
  •     The request form must be signed and you must also enclose the proper certificate and fees for shipping.
  •     You should also make sure to include a copy of your government-issued ID photo and your signature, for comparison purposes.
  •     If you're sending the request by fax, ensure you call the Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics to confirm receipt of it within one business day from Mon-Fri, 8am to 5pm Alaska Time.

Sending your request by mail may take longer, but many people feel it is more secure. This, of course, is a matter of preference. All government websites are encrypted, which makes identity theft a difficult proposition.