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Marriage Records Online

When it comes to our new information age -- sometimes better known as the Internet age -- is a fact that just about any record that can be digitized and scanned into a computer can be found online nowadays. This includes publicly-available records such as birth certificates, death certificates and certificates of marriage. Finding  marriage records online is generally a pretty logical series of steps, by the way.

Not only are such records available at the state level, there are also accessible at the county and local municipality level these days. Conducting  something like a search for online California marriage records, for example, is just a matter of knowing where on the Internet to go and what department to request such records from.

Accessing a marriage record online will first of all required that someone have at least a small amount of knowledge about computers and the Internet, but this really isn't much more than knowing how to turn a computer on and then how to log onto the Internet itself. Given how easy most computer operating systems make it, it's not unusual to see 95-year-old great-grandmothers surfing the web with ease.

Request Marriage Records Online

As far as specifics go, the first thing to understand is that there are several quality websites out on the Internet that can assist in such a search. If doing something in a do it yourself kind of manner seems attractive then something like a state website or a federal government website that specializes in vital records locations can come in very handy.

One such general purpose site can be found at the Centers for Disease Control Website at: It can at least get you started in the right direction and will point the way to the state-related bureau or office where one can write for many different vital records.

Additionally, writing for marriage records online will mean being able to identify that website and then learning enough about how to interact with it when finally arriving at it to get something meaningful out of an office that might be full of bureaucrats that -- well-meaning as they may be -- also have 10,000 other things to do in a day.

That's why it's best to find certain automated websites or offices that can help assist in locating public marriage records online. For instance, let's say that online Texas marriage records are what are needed. Naturally, the first thing one would think of is some sort of Texas-based government website, and that's all well and good. But one glance at a state website can drive someone to distraction.

That's why, a number of records ordering websites have been established by more than a few businesses, and they all had the aim of helping a person to search marriage records online or any other type of public record that would be on a computer database these days. This is not to sell a state website short, because they can be useful if they have a search database on them.

But again, many state or county or municipal websites might not be as user-friendly as a private sector website is. The reason for this is fairly simple and straightforward: Government is not in the business of making a profit and can therefore afford to not take the needs of its constituency very serious in some cases. It doesn't set out to do this deliberately, but low bidder rules sometimes make things like government websites too unwieldy.

However, a good private sector website will generally make it extremely easy for a person to at least get started on locating County marriage records online, for example. Also, a website like the one run by the people at at: has been set up and designed to be extremely user friendly in order to attract customers.

Also, keep in mind that many public libraries have computers for the use of their patrons. If unsure how to use a computer, just check in with the staff after asking for the use of one and let them know what the problem is. Chances are, they can have a new user up and running in just a few minutes.

Many of today's cellular phones are also equipped with Internet access and can aid in the task of finding free marriage records online. True, most of these records when viewed online are free, but there will definitely be a fee attached if one wants to order copies and then have them faxed or mailed to a home address or P.O. Box.

This brings up the matter of what sort of copy is considered official and what sort is just considered exactly what it is; a copy. If needing official marriage records online always make sure to highlight such a specific request. Records like these usually come with a raised seal and are mailed in special tamperproof envelopes and add an additional charge.

So, when it comes to engaging in an all-out search for marriage records or certificates of marriage -- no matter the reason -- always use available computerized or Internet-based resources instead of visiting some cold and uncaring state office.