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Free Marriage Records

For some, past issues of their potential husband or wife are just what they are, the past. These issues should then not be aggravated and laid out in the present. For some people though, the past is just as important as the present. The marital history of their fiancées is considered their business. The problem though is that not everyone wants to talk about past relationships and failures as openly. So, they decide on two roads: they either tell their partners the complete truth about their marital history and risk it affecting their present relationship negatively, or they shut out their partners altogether as a form of rebellion.

This problem is rising in America, resulting in a higher divorce and annulment percentage. It is stated after all, that annulment is made available to a complainant if deception has been done to him or her, especially if the deception was a make-or-break decision point in the consent for marriage. Fortunately, free marriage records can now be accessed as easily as one accesses this message.

Free Marriage Records Can Be Ordered Online

Marriage records are state public records. Some are considered 'confidential', but in most cases the public can easily access these records, given that they supply the proper documentations required. Marriage records are used to confirm that such ceremony has been entered at a certain time and place. The information included in the document includes the maiden name of the bride, the full name of the groom, parent's name and the officiating person. It should also include the time and date of marriage as well as the witnesses involved. Vital records such as birth, death, divorce and of course, marriage can usually be found at the county level. This can be tracked down at the Department of Health, Vital Statistics Section.

Basically, there are two types of marriage records: one is the fee-based type and another is free marriage records. Fee-based records are those that involve a certain amount for the printing of a certified true copy and the searching fee for the county clerk. This type is recommended for people who need the document urgently for formal and legal reasons. The fees vary from county to county. It can go as low as $10 or as high as a $100. To confirm the correct price for the particular county where the marriage record is found, counties usually have an online site that includes their schedules for submission of requirements and the fee. Free Marriage Records, meaning certified true copies for legal purposes (including the state and county seals), are more tedious to do. Each county has different requirements for this kind of marriage record, but if you don't mind the grunt work, then go ahead.

If one is merely looking for a marriage record that is simply used to verify if a certain couple got married during a certain date and time they said they did, then it is best to go online. Online search sites will have no legal weight but can prove useful for genealogical purposes, background checks for criminal history, or marital history of the potential spouse. There are several commercial websites that offer marriage record databases for free, while others demand a minor fee for a more detailed search.