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Find Marriage Records

There are a number of reasons why people would like to find marriage records. Those reasons include proof of maternity or paternity and legal obligations that go with it such as child support, a curious mind to trace back one's genealogy, or for government mutual benefits such as social security or insurance. Whatsoever the reason, there are obstacles that might get in the way of finding the necessary records. Geography, for one, is a difficult barrier to overcome. Most people who married in one state have already relocated to another state; flying back might be too inconvenient or impractical. Another reason is financial uncertainty.

Marriage records include fees such as search fees as well as the printing of certified true copies. Add to this the increasing rates in travel such as airline tickets, gas, food or accommodation for the trip. Governments, though, have improved with the times. Vital record sections are now more efficient and have reached out to people by making their services more convenient and accessible for laymen.

Find the Marriage Records Your Need

You can find marriage records in the state or county your relative was married in. A certified true copy of the record will have to be requested formally in writing. The requestor will have to state the reason for which the certificate is needed. In most states, only close relatives of the people whose certificate are being requested can have access to the records. Close relatives pertain to the parents of the couple, adult siblings and their adult children. For those who are not close relatives, a legal form of identification such as driver's license, certified true copy of the birth certificate or passport will have to be submitted or faxed beforehand.

Otherwise, the county clerk will not issue a certified true copy of the certificate or even a verification letter. This is to avoid identity theft. There have been cases in some states where information from the marriage certificate was used for some form of deception. The cost of certified true copies varies for each state and county. This can range from $20 to $100. To check the specific price, most counties have an official website, or at least a contact number posted online.

Records are generally kept by the state for at least a hundred years. It can usually be found at the Department of Health, Vital Statistics Section. Again, this may vary per state and per country. The National Center for Health Statistics has a list of whom you can contact to request marriage records from per state.

The marriage record contains information like the name of the bride before the time of marriage, the name of the groom, and the marriage date and place. This is important to find ancestors and important people in one's lineage. Most brides' maiden names are lost as time passes; so reconnecting with the other side of the family by searching through the marriage records is a great way to reconcile with family.

Finding marriage records is tantamount to finding a piece of history. Although technology has made it possible for verification of marriage to be found in Internet databases, it is still not possible for a certified true copy to be processed fully on the internet. One has to go to the county where the marriage took place in order to obtain it. To verify whether or not a marriage has taken place, w can help.