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Information About Marriage

If you are interested in information about marriage, there is a wide range of topics that may be pertinent. Understanding what constitutes a marriage and the fact that there are alternatives to a traditional, state-sanctioned marriage could help you and your partner make the necessary arrangements that suit your needs and desires. Being informed will help you.

A marriage license is a document issued by the state that gives couples permission to marry. It should not be confused with a marriage certificate, which is the legal document binding a couple in marriage. The conditions for obtaining a marriage license vary according to countries and states. There are also different types of marriage licenses.

Annulling a marriage is not the same as getting a divorce.  Often, when looking for useful information about marriage, it is easy to get these confused. A divorce is when two people who are married decide to end the marriage.  The marriage then ends at the point that the divorce becomes final.  An annulment is not the ending of the marriage. In the case of an annulment, it is as if the marriage never existed and both parties go back to being single.

There are several reasons for a marriage to be annulled. These reasons include the existence of an undisclosed previous marriage, impaired mental competency (for example, being drunk at the time), or entering in the marriage fraudulently by concealing relevant information. This "relevant information" includes facts such as having a sexually transmitted disease or impotence (meaning that the marriage could not be consummated).

Whether you are looking at getting a divorce or an annulment, you still need to consult a lawyer to seek their advice before proceeding.  This is essential if there are children and property to be concerned about. Although many annulments are carried out in the first twelve months of a marriage, there is no legal time limit for claiming annulment.
All children born within a marriage that is subsequently annulled remain legitimate and there will still be child support to be paid and custody arrangements to be made similar to a divorce.

A common law marriage is not a traditional marriage in any sense of the word. In some states in the US, some heterosexual couples can get legally married without a ceremony or license. This type of marriage is also called a common law marriage. A common law marriage, contrary to popular belief, is not just about two people simply living together for a period of time. There are set of conditions to be fulfilled before a couple can have a valid common law marriage.

An illegal marriage is a marriage that does not follow a nation or a state's legal requirements. Generally, a marriage is said to be illegal in the United States when it takes place between minors or between illegal immigrants, though these are only a couple of the factors that may come into play.

If you intend to marry someone living outside of the United States, then you may want to get a marriage visa. Marriage visas are visas issued to couples across certain countries to enable them travel to the partners' country for the consummation of the marriage contract. There are procedures for this in the US.

A premarital agreement is often looked on with distaste. The general opinion is that a premarital agreement suggests that the couple thinks their marriage is going to fail before it has even started. In fact, until well into the 1960's, there were problems in enforcing such an agreement in the United States. The agreement is a contract, and under marriage law at the time the two people were considered to become one. Autonomy within a marriage is a relatively new concept.

As premarital agreements are becoming more widely known and used it, appears that they may, in fact, encourage marriage instead of divorce. If there is a monetary imbalance between the two parties, it may be reassuring to the one that has the greater share to know that they will not lose it in the event of a divorce, and therefore make them more open to marriage.

Each state has different criteria for drafting and validating a premarital agreement should it become necessary. The fairness of the contract, as well as the fact that both parties understood the contents when they signed, needs to be proven. You should also realize that having a Premarital Agreement will not get you out of your state obligations should you get divorced. 

In case of a divorce, a premarital agreement can speed up the process and save both parties stress and money. As almost half of all marriages end in divorce, it makes sense to see a lawyer and get one drawn up. This is the point at which you are both in love, and part of loving someone wants to protect them in the long-term. By having a premarital agreement you can ensure that you are taking care of both your futures.

Marriage is more than a just personal relation between a woman and a man. It is a contract and is established by law. The legality of marriages varies from place to place and in the United States, there are general provisions for marriage legality as well as state specific provisions.