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Getting Married in Wyoming

So you and your prospective spouse plan to get married in Wyoming, most couples will agree that getting married is the easy part, planning the wedding is where the work lies. In most cases a couple may apply for a Wyoming marriage license at any Wyoming county clerk office where they plan to get married. The county clerk offices are usually located in the county probate or circuit court.

Before applying for a Wyoming marriage license, applicants should know the marriage laws of the state. There are some procedures an applicant must follow in order to obtain a Wyoming marriage license:

  • Applicants are required to provide a proof of identification such as a certified birth certificate. You will be required to know your social security numbers; you will also need to know the full names of your mothers' maiden name and the states where your parents were born.
  • Couples' do not have to be resident in Wyoming in order to be married in the state
  • If you have been previously married, you will be asked to provide a certified copy of the divorce decree. In the case of a deceased partner, you will be asked to provide a plain copy of the death certificate.
  • The Wyoming marriage license fee is $25 and the accepted forms of payment is cash only.
  • There is no waiting period in Wyoming; you will receive your marriage license immediately. This means you can marry immediately after you receive your marriage license.
  • To enter a marriage in the state of Wyoming without parental permission, you need to be 18 years or older. You might be asked to produce a birth certificate to show proof of age.
  • If both parties are under 18 years of age, parental consent forms must be signed. A certified copy of birth certificates would be needed. A court order will be needed for anyone less than sixteen years of age and who wishes to be married.
  • A Wyoming marriage licenses will not expire once it has been issued.
You can search for and review Wyoming Marriage Laws online. Reviewing and obtaining copies of Wyoming marriage certificate can be done at the Wyoming Department of Health (Vital Statistics Section).

Getting Married in the Equality State

The state of Wyoming is the least populated in the union and it also the home to the Old Faithful geyser that is located in Yellowstone National Park. Couples who plan on getting married in Wyoming will certainly enjoy the place, because Wyoming is a place where residents have enjoyed their vows and couples who have chosen to take their marriage vows in Wyoming are making a wise choice.

Here are some helpful tips that intending couples will find useful when planning their Wyoming wedding:

  • Marriage licenses issued by the state of Wyoming do not expire, but deciding on a date for your wedding is very important, because this will make it much easier to reserve a venue in Wyoming for your marriage ceremony and reception.
  • You should make sure you find and reserve a venue for your marriage ceremony on time, keep in mind that you might not find a place during the wedding seasons - so make sure you reserve a venue early enough. If you and your fiancé/fiancée are the outdoors type, you can consider reserving some of the natural amphitheatres of the Wyoming wilderness - there are beautiful ones at Yellowstone National Park. 
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