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Getting Married in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is best known as a dairy state. It is a very homely atmosphere and this down home atmosphere makes Wisconsin appeal to so many couples either living there or coming for their wedding. But there are certain things you need to know to have a peaceful marriage in Wisconsin. Firstly decide on who do you want to perform the ceremony. This information is needed for applying your marriage license. Then choose the date when you want to get married so that you can check out the availability of the venue. Choose a venue, as you would need to furnish the information while applying for your marriage license. As well make a guest list to have an idea as to how many of them would make up for the wedding ceremony. Try to strike a balance between both guests and money to be spent. Lastly, get a marriage license for the state of Wisconsin.

Getting Married in the Badger State Is Great

The applicants are required to provide the following information; however, there is no need to supply any formal documents. Few of the information provided would be strictly confidential and are collected only for a statistical purpose. In addition to that, your address is also confidential, but can be released if law enforcement officers present a written request. You can get marriage license application at your county office. Ensure that you and your partner have everything you need before you go to file your marriage license. The things that are needed for getting married in Wisconsin are:

  •     Social security number (confidential)
  •     Telephone number (confidential)
  •     Number of previous marriages
  •     Race (confidential)
  •     Highest level of education (confidential)
  •     The date and location of intended marriage
  •     Name of the person performing the ceremony
  •     Address phone number of the person performing the ceremony
  •     Parents full name including middle names and mother's maiden name
  •     The county and municipality in which you reside

Please note that the requirement vary as each county in Wisconsin has its own requirements. There is a waiting period of around five days in Wisconsin, excluding the day you apply your marriage license. That is six days for getting the license. Therefore, a thumb rule to be followed here is to apply no less than 7 days and not more than 35 days. The license obtained is valid only for 30 days from the effective date and the marriage must take place in this stipulated time. If the marriage doesn't happen then a new license must be taken and the fees would be collected again. There is a nominal fee of around $80 on an average; however it varies from county to county and be prepared to pay in cash. The applications are available at marriage certificate application form which you can fill and submit at any county office.

You should have an ID proof like your driver's license with your current address, etc. When it comes to the residential requirement for applying a marriage license in Wisconsin, any one of the partners needs to have resided for 30 days in the county where you are applying. If you are from out of the state then apply in the county where you are getting married. If you have had any previous marriages then you need to show a proof of divorce, death or civil annulment from the most recent marriage. And you need to wait for 6 months after getting divorced and before getting remarried. There are no proxy marriages allowed what so ever in Wisconsin. Apart from that, cousin marriages cannot take place and are generally are not allowed exceptions being depending on the circumstances i.e. if the bride is 55 years of age or older then cousins may be allowed to marry. The common law marriages and same sex marriages are also not recognized in Wisconsin.

The age of marriage in Wisconsin is 18 years but if either of them are under 18 then they need to have a written, notarized consent from parents or guardian. There is a consent form available to be signed by parents in front of the county clerk. You may not get married in Wisconsin if either of you are below 16 years.

Therefore, getting married in Wisconsin feels great as it is bordered by Montreal River, Lake Superior and has great scenery for a perfect wedding. The state's boundaries include the Mississippi River and the St. Croix River in the west, and the Menominee River in the northeast. Getting married in a city which is surrounded by rivers and lakes all over is perfect wedding which anyone would dream of.