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Getting Married In Virginia

Marriage is considered to be a scared institution where two altogether different individuals come together to spend their whole life with one another. It is a one-time occasion and an age-old tradition. So, to make it a memorable one we have to plan every step which includes deciding a date of marriage to check the availability of the venue, choose the venue as it is required to furnish while applying for a marriage license, preparing a guest list to know the number of guest that will attend your marriage to avoid any last minute rushes. This will also help you decide on your budget. Most importantly to make it hassle free and peaceful, get a marriage license from the state of Virginia.

With regards to getting married in Virginia one has to apply and receive a marriage license. It is a document that legalizes your marriage in your state. The rules for acquiring the marriage license vary from state to state. So check with your city's marriage bureau at your clerk of court's office to find out the local rules of your state.

It is very important to have an acceptable identification proof without which there is no chance that you can get married in Virginia. It can be presented in the form of a valid driving license, a copy of the birth certificate or a military identification at the clerk office. Both the bride and the groom together must apply for the license. The license for the clerk or his deputy, of the county, issues marriage in Virginia of which either of the party is the resident. If neither the bride nor the groom is a resident of Virginia then they can apply for the marriage license in any county or city. They have to swear in front of the clerk that the information they are providing is true to the best of their knowledge. If in any case it is found out that the information provided in the application is incorrect then will be referred to the prosecutor's office commonly known as the commonwealth attorney, for the prosecution. They are then considered perjury In Virginia. Perjury is a crime that is punishable up to five years in prison.

In case either of the couple was previously married then you need to show proof of divorce, annulment or death certificate if they are widowed. And there is a statutory waiting period before remarriage after the divorce is granted.

Getting Married In Old Dominion Is For Lovers

Getting married in Virginia is allowed if both the consenting couples are 18 or above. If the either of the party is below 18 then they need to get a notarized content from their parents or legal guardians.

There is a nominal fee of $30 - $40 depending on the county. A marriage license obtained in the state of Virginia is valid only for 60 days from the date it is issued. If it expires then you need to re-apply for it. There is no long waiting a period. Most importantly there is no blood test or any other physical tests required to marry in Virginia.

The ceremony can be performed by any minister who can provide a proof with the religious society or any or any person appointed by the court. They are commonly referred as justice of peace. The justice of peace is by donation only they can charge a fee of $30 for each couple getting married in order to obtain the marriage license. The officiator then signs and completes the marriage register; he then returns the forms to the clerk within five days from the day of marriage. These forms are then sent to the state division of vital records and after all these formalities the couple receives a marriage certificate. 641

Prohibited marriages:
  • Marriage between the two persons from the same sex, so the rule applies only to heterosexual marriages
  • Common law marriages are not valid in Virginia or any other jurisdiction that does not permit them
  • Proxy marriages
  • When either of the parties lack capacity to consent to the marriage due to mental incapability or infirmity
  • When either of them enter a marriage prior to the dissolution of the previous marriage
However marriage between the first cousins in the state of Virginia is considered legal.

Getting married in Old Dominion is for lovers and is very easy task. Unlike many other states that can make getting married a nightmare by its complicated laws, Virginia Marriage Laws are very simple and straightforward. Apart from this the picturesque location of the dominion state makes it one of the most sort after place for celebrating a grand ceremony like marriage.

Virginia is a plantation country, its spectacular homes and expansive landscapes make it perfect for weddings or receptions. If you are among those who want to have an outdoor wedding theme then the gardens of Virginia are popular for that. From its historic mansions to its wine county, Virginia has something for everyone that would fit their style. It's a dream destination for any marriage or honeymoon.