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Getting Married in Vermont

In order to get married in Vermont intending couples need to apply and receive a Vermont marriage license, this document allows you to be officially tie the nuptial knot under the Vermont marriage law. Like all other official documents, the rules for acquiring a marriage license vary from state to state.

Most couple often wonder when the most suitable time to apply for a marriage license is, is it before or after picking a wedding date. Marriage experts advise that couples should apply for their marriage license at least a month prior to their chosen wedding date. Experts also recommend that couples to sort out this aspect of their wedding arrangements a month before their marriage.

Getting Married in the Green Mountain State

For couples who plan on getting married in Vermont, these are some of the basic requirements for getting married in the state of Vermont. You are al least 18 years old. The parent or guardian will accompany you to the town clerk's office in order to sign an affidavit giving you the go-ahead to get married -- the affidavit is clearly stated on the back of the marriage license and is a legal part of the marriage license. If one or both of the couples are under the age of 16 and live in Vermont, they cannot be married in Vermont unless they provide the town clerk with a certificate from a probate, superior court judge of the district or the county in which the underage person reside. According to Vermont law, nobody under the age of 14 may enter into marriage in Vermont.

No one under guardianship will be allowed to marry without a guardian's written permission. In Vermont, a marriage will not be allowed between a parent and offspring, brother and sister, an uncle and niece, an aunt and nephew, grand parent and grandchild.

Vermont town clerks issue Vermont marriage licenses. The marriage license costs $23 and is valid for 60days from the date of issuance. During that time, an authorized person -- else, must perform your wedding ceremony, the license will become void.
You or your would-be spouses do not have to be resident in Vermont in order to get married there. As long as you have a valid Vermont marriage license, you can be married anywhere in Vermont -- only in Vermont.

You can more information on how to obtain copies of marriage records from the Vermont Department of Health or Vermont Vital Records  online. The Vermont Marriage Records  will also provide you with marriage related information for the state of Vermont.