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Getting Married in Utah

Marriage is considered to be a sacred institution in Utah. Marriage is a legal union of two people who decide to spend their whole life with each other by obtaining a marriage license from their county or state. Before marrying, there are few things to be noted down in order to enjoy and have a peaceful, tension free marriage like getting a Utah marriage license, apply for a license in the county in which you are planning to get married. Choose a time of the year to get married as Utah provides extreme temperatures. Choose a place for your marriage ceremony depending on your budget and interest. The cheapest place to get married in Utah is at the local county courthouse.

Do not forget to make a guest list so you will have an idea as to how many people you will need to call and how much it would cost. It is better if you do it together. And finally, find an official to perform the marriage ceremony. 

If the date of the marriage is fixed then enjoy this time and let the marriage license of Utah not be a hurdle for your wedding plans. Getting married in Utah requires few documents and certificates to be presented while applying for the marriage license. It is recommended that you get this legal aspect done before a month of your wedding. Marriage license can be obtained from clerk or auditor of the county at any county offices. Requirements may vary from county to county.

The county clerk provides marriage license only after the applicant provides the following information:

  • Full names including the maidens name of the women
  • Social security numbers
  • Current addresses
  • Date and place of birth
  • Names of parents, including maiden name of the mother
  • Birth places of father and mother
  • Race of applicants
  • An ID such as driving license or passport. If using birth certificate then a photo id is also required
  • Divorce decree signed by the judge if the divorce was finalized in the last 60 days
The marriage license is the document that allows you to tie the knot under the law. The expiry of the license is 30 days so; apply when your marriage is in a month. You would need to have a witness while signing the application form of the license. Just having a license doesn't mean that you are married. On the day of the marriage you should get the marriage license signed by clergyman who would in turn send it to proper government agency for validation. 

Getting Married in the Beehive State is Great

For getting married in Utah, you need not be a resident of Utah. If you have previously married then you have to provide the date of divorce or spouse's death. Utah does not have waiting period for its license and it would cost approximately $ 40 to $ 50. Check with the county clerk to verify the current cost of the marriage license. No proxy marriages are allowed. However, few counties in Utah allow any one of the people to apply for the license and the other partner can sign the application before a notary. 

The minimum age of marriage for an applicant is 18 years and they should have legal proof of age. If they are of 16 or 17 years then their parents need to sign the consent form. Those who are 15 years old will have an authorization from a juvenile judge of the county where he/she resides or by a court commissioner. If you are under 14 then you cannot marry in Utah. However, a common law marriage is allowed where a man and a woman have never had formal marriage. The qualifications to be eligible for common law marriage are: both of them must be competent and should be able to give consent, both must live together as wife and husband and take all the marital responsibilities and duties of a couple and they should be perceived by others as married.

In Utah, the first cousins can get married at the age of 65 and the ones who are 55 years or older need to prove that they are incapable of reproduction before receiving the consent to marry. Same sex marriages are not allowed in this place. A minister, rabbi, priest, mayor, judge, county clerk, Native American spiritual adviser, the Governor, mayors, court commissioners and judges as well as particular members of the legislature may perform wedding ceremonies.

Getting married in Utah is a beautiful thought as Utah is the home of Great Salt Lake which is the largest city and capital of Utah, and is mostly like a desert. Utah is known as a Beehive state and getting married in this beehive state is great as it has mountains surrounding giving beautiful scenery that is perfect for an occasion like a wedding. It gives a serene and natural backdrop for a wedding ceremony. But do keep in mind that Utah offers extremely diverse climate i.e. in Southern Utah there are plenty of places which have never seen snow whereas Northern Utah is the most famous ski resorts on Earth. It is also called as the home of the "Greatest Snow on earth".