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Getting Married in Texas

If you and your prospective spouse plan on getting married in Texas, you need to check out the marriage license laws first and foremost in order to prevent your marriage plans from being disrupted by unexpected requirements. You need to know what documents to bring along with you before you start your application for a Texas marriage license. Marriage experts suggest that you get this legal aspect of your marriage out of the way about four weeks prior to your wedding date - you should be well aware of the fact that requirements may vary as each county in the state of Texas could have their own requirements.

Before obtaining and filling out the Texas marriage license form, these are the basic requirements:

  • You have to be eighteen (18) years old before entering into a marriage. If you are less than 18 years of age (16 and 17 years old), you can apply for a marriage license only if you can provide a written parental consent on an official form in front of the county clerk or if you have received an order from the Texas district court that authorizes your marriage.
  • Identification requirements: In the state of Texas, you will need to provide one valid form of identification such as a certified copy of your birth certificate, drivers' license, Social Security number, United States International passport and military ID card.
  • In cases of previous marriage: Texas requires that you provide a certified copy of divorce decree
  • Residency requirement: You do not have to be resident in Texas in order to be married there. Texas is great location if you are planning a destination wedding.
  • Pre-marital classes: In the state of Texas, couples are greatly encouraged to attend a pre-marital education course - four hour duration (at least). This course should be completed during the year prior to applying for a Texas marriage license. You can contact the county clerk in order to get a roster of area course providers.
  • Waiting Period: the 3 days (72 hours) waiting period in Texas can be waived for military personnel who are still in active duty.
  • A nominal fee is charged for marriage licences ($31 to $ 41) cash only! - The fees may vary from county to county.
  • Texas marriage license is valid for 30 days only

Although pre-marital counseling is suggested by the state of Texas but it is not required. But the marriage license fee will be waived for couples who take the 8 hour pre-marital preparation course. This course covers important marital skills and issues such as conflict management and communication.

When searching through Texas Marriage Laws online, you can get more information concerning marriage laws in Texas.  You can also get information on how to obtain certified marriage records from the Texas Vital Statistics office.

Getting Married In the Lone Star State

Texas has long been nicknamed the lone star state to signify it as an independent republic in 1839. Texas is the largest continental state in the Union, getting married in Texas will be a wonderful experience of a lifetime because Texas is known for its natural beauty and urbanized splendor. The state offers residents and visitors a variety of climates, which makes Texas unique in everyway.

For couples who plan on tying the nuptial knot in Texas soon or in the near future, the following tips will be quite helpful when planning to get married in Texas:

Ensure you choose a time of the year - this depends on the location you are in Texas, because the weather may not change much. For couples who do not really care what time of the year they tie the knot, they should consider getting married during the off season in order to keep costs to a minimum.

You and your prospective spouse need to decide on a location. Texas is quite popular among people who are about to be married because of the unique and grandiose feel of Texas. Once you both have decided on a location, ensure that you immediately reserve it for your wedding date - you are not the only ones who plan on getting married in Texas, there are lots of couples making plans as well.

Make sure you hire a professional to perform your wedding ceremony. Most couples prefer a clergy member that they are quite familiar with, but if you both do not mind, a Texas state official can perform the ceremony.

The Texas Marriage Records will help you search for, and get all marriage related information, easily and effectively.