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Getting Married in Rhode Island

If you are getting married in Rhode Island then you may want to look into the assorted licenses, applications, and fees that come with being married in this great state. Each state has their own laws and regulations and you do not want to get caught making a mistake with something as special and important as a marriage. 

Getting Married in the Ocean State Is Great

As with many different issues that come up per state it is always best to go directly to the main Rhode Island Government website. This site will have all the information you need to obtain any license including your marriage license. While these state sites have been online for many years now, they are just now getting the recognition they deserve by users both as residents and visitors to this great state. The first thing you will find will be a document listing the General Marriage Requirements of Rhode Island.

One of the first rules you will learn is that each couple must both be present when applying for a marriage license. These licenses can be applied for in the city or town that you will be married in regardless of whether or not you are a resident of that state. You will need to bring with you proof of who you are as well as proof of the facts of your birth.  What helps with this is if you bring a certified copy of your birth certificates as it lists all that kind of personal information on it including information concerning your parents.

What you will also need to bring will be any documentation concerning previous marriages. This is important because of the laws in the United Sates against having more than one spouse. For instance, if your first marriage ended in divorce then you will need an official copy of the divorce decree. If you do not have one and you were previously married in Rhode Island you can go directly to the Rhode Island Department of Health Office of Vital Records. Here you will find all you need about getting the right copies. Or if you are now a widow or widower you will need to bring in a certified copy of the death certificate.

If you are under 18 then you will need parental permission to get married. You will also need to fill out what is called a "Minor's Permit to Marry."  While this may sound confusing you will find that each of these sites carefully lay out all the requirements you need to know about. For a full list of city and town offices you can go directly to the Vital Records office.

Now where you must apply for your license will differ depending on whether or not you are a resident. For instance, if the bride to be is a Rhode Island Resident then the application must come from the city or town clerk where they live, and the same goes if the groom only is a resident.  Otherwise, if both parties are not a resident they must go to the city or town clerks office where they will be married for an application.  This is quite different than other states as it is not county wide but city or town wide instead. This means that you must get married in the town that issues you the license rather than anywhere in the county.  And this is just some of the important information you must know if you are getting married in Rhode Island. Go online today to do your marriage license research.