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Getting Married in Pennsylvania

The Quaker State -- better known as the state of Pennsylvania -- is one of the more popular destinations in the country for people who wish to see where the nation -- in effect -- began. This means the great city of Philadelphia, where the Constitution of the United States was developed and signed, is always high on the list of places to visit. But that's not the only thing that Pennsylvania has going for it, and it has great natural beauty and seriously attractive countryside that lures tourists from all over the United States. Sometimes, such beauty convinces people who are visiting that getting married in Pennsylvania is the thing to do.

If this is indeed what is going to be done, then knowing a few things about Pennsylvania marriage licenses and what it takes to get them will be in order. A good general purpose site that discusses how to get married in Pennsylvania in a little more detail might be the

Getting Married in the Quaker State

The first thing one should know about marriage license applications in Pennsylvania is that there is not a residency requirement in order to get married in the state, however, there are several counties that require both of the applicants to speak English or that they bring someone with them who can speak English in order to obtain a license.

Photo identification requirements are pretty straightforward, and it's usually only necessary to present a driver's license or some other acceptable form of government-issued photo ID. A passport always works well, and both parties to the wedding will need to present Social Security numbers if they are citizens of the United States or legally entitled to work in the country.

For those who have been married previously, they need to keep in mind that before they can go about getting married in Pennsylvania they will need to provide a certified copy of the divorce decree with a raised seal in the case of a marriage ending in such an act and will have to supply the date of death of the former spouse in the unfortunate circumstance where a marriage ended because of the death of a spouse.

For those who changed their names back to their maiden names (in the case of women) the state will require official proof of the reversion to that maiden name. Any foreign documents presented in support of a marriage application must have been translated into English prior to their presentation to the office that is responsible for issuing Pennsylvania marriage licenses.

Additionally, people wishing to get married in Pennsylvania need to know that there is a three day waiting period from the date of issuance of the license. This waiting period can be waived by request if supporting documentation for the reason why such a waiver is needed (including proof of a wedding date, a contact telephone number etc.) and also includes an additional $15 fee payable in cash only.

Pennsylvania marriage licenses normally run between $40 and $75 in cost, also payable in cash only. Additionally, the Internet can be a great place to find marriage license expediting businesses that have been set up to assist persons in obtaining Pennsylvania marriage licenses or Pennsylvania marriage applications and the like for a nominal fee.

Generally, it is not all that difficult to get married in Pennsylvania, as long as people take the time to do just a little bit of planning beforehand. Make use of all the resources available on the Internet, including those Web services that can handle the complete transaction.