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Getting Married in Oklahoma

The Sooner State of Oklahoma can be a great place in which to go about tying the knot. In addition to its very attractive cities -- including Oklahoma City -- there is a wealth of scenic countryside and small towns that exists not only for the pleasure of its residents but also for those who are visiting and vacationing in the state. Most residents are fond of saying "Oklahoma Is OK" and they aren't lying.

One thing to realize, though, before getting married in Oklahoma is that each county tends to vary slightly from the other in terms of Oklahoma marriage licenses and Oklahoma marriage applications and what it might take in the way of fees or charges in order to obtain them. Additionally, some counties may require a bit more paperwork or a bit less paperwork than others. A good general purpose site that discusses Oklahoma marriage licenses is the site at:

 Getting Married in Oklahoma Is OK

Oklahoma does not have a residency requirement in order to go ahead with a wedding or in order to apply for such things as Oklahoma marriage licenses. Additionally, photo identification requirements are pretty straightforward and can be met by showing a driver's license or other government-issued form of photo ID. Also, a certified birth certificate or passport is acceptable, too, in addition to presenting a Social Security card and some form of photo ID.

Those who have been married previously and who plan on getting married in Oklahoma will need to understand that they may not marry in the state if the divorce has been final for less than six months. It will be a good idea on the part of those who have been married previously to have a certified copy of the divorce decree or a copy of the death certificate of the spouse (in the unfortunate case where the marriage ended due to such death) with them when they go to apply for a marriage license.

As far as waiting periods go, unless the person or persons getting married are minors, there is none. Oklahoma marriage licenses will normally run around $25-$50 in cost, and the charge will be more or less, depending on the county in which the license application is made. Fees and costs are subject to change without notice, so it might be a good idea to look at engaging the services of a business that will handle all of the transaction and take care of such issues. There are a number of good ones on the Internet, so take a few minutes to maybe find one and look to see what they can offer in the way of expediting marriage licenses and even handling weddings, if need be.

Cash is king, generally, so be prepared to bring a little of it along though several counties have accepted money orders. For residents, some counties will accept a local personal check. Anybody or any couple taking a premarital counseling course from a recognized official representative of a religious organization or a licensed health professional will only have to pay five dollars for the license.

There are no blood tests or public health examinations that need be done prior to applying for Oklahoma marriage licenses. Such exams are a remnant of the early 20th century, though there are a couple of states that do require blood tests, fortunately Oklahoma isn't one of them.