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Getting Married in North Dakota

The great state of North Dakota is indeed great when it comes to getting married in North Dakota. It is a land of vast prairie and very interesting cities and terrain. Many people who vacation there -- in addition to residents -- might be curious about what it takes to get married in North Dakota.

Also, remember that while state law is the controlling authority when it comes to what it takes to get married in North Dakota, each individual county is allowed to set its own fees and certain other requirements for North Dakota marriage licenses. Most marriage experts say should begin at least 30 days out from the hoped-for wedding ceremony.

Getting Married in the Peace Garden State is Great

There are no residency requirements in order to be able to obtain North Dakota marriage licenses, what people who are not residents will need to obtain their licenses in the county in which they intend to marry. This is not too difficult, as every county has a clerk's office where such arrangements can be made. Additionally, there are a number of good websites that can handle all of the paperwork-related issues ahead of time for a small nominal fee.

When it comes to photo identification, North Dakota is very reasonable. Usually, a driver's license or other form of government-issued photo ID such as military identification cards or passports is more than acceptable. It is always a good idea to bring along certified copies of birth certificates just in case, as there have been several instances in different counties where the clerks have asked for such documentation prior to issuing North Dakota marriage licenses.

Anybody who has been married previously and is now desiring to get married in North Dakota will need to provide either a certified copy of the divorce decree -- in cases where divorce ended the previous marriage -- or a plain copy of a death certificate in the unfortunate case where the previous marriage was ended as a result of the death of a spouse.

There are also no waiting periods for getting married in North Dakota<, and the cost for North Dakota marriage licenses normally runs around $65. Many counties in the state will accept a check in addition to cash, though most prefer cash only. It's a good idea to call ahead of time if there are any questions about what the acceptable form of payment will be in order to obtain a license in that particular county.

No blood tests or other premarital public health examinations are required, though such tests were normal in the early part of the 20th century and are still required in one or two states to this day. Happily, this is not the case in the Peace Garden State. North Dakota's does not allow same-sex marriages, and if that is what is needed there are several other states in the nation who now allow such ceremonies. Just go online and check the Internet for what the particular states are.

Persons who are younger than 18 who wish to get married in North Dakota (meaning those persons 16 or 17 years of age) will need to obtain notarized parental consent before showing up at the county clerk's office to obtain North Dakota marriage applications or North Dakota marriage licenses. Just check with a few of the supplied websites for examples of what might need to be required in this particular instance.

As far as those who can perform wedding ceremonies in North Dakota, they are generally persons such as ordained or licensed clergymen and ministers of a religious denomination and justices of the peace in the state. North Dakota marriage licenses are valid for 60 days from date of issue and can be used in every county in the state, meaning that a license applied for in one county can then be used in another county.

A complete list of marriage license offices or county clerks that specialize in issuing North Dakota marriage licenses is available at that website. Additionally, those interested in being married in North Dakota can avail themselves of services from several quality websites that can help with all aspects of the marriage, including ceremonies, flowers and even wedding dresses.

North Dakota sits in the upper most northern tier of the Midwest, right along the border with Canada and is the third least populous state in the country. This means that its wild natural beauty and vast plains and prairies can be completely enjoyed by those sightseeing and visiting the state. So if getting married in North Dakota is something that's being considered, one is sure to find more than enough to enjoy prior to doing so and after the ceremony has been completed.