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Getting Married In New Mexico

Are you planning on getting married in New Mexico?  This is one of the most beautiful states in the country and literally thousands of people flock here each year to have their weddings. This is because New Mexico like all other states allows people to marry here even if they are not a state resident. But with that said, there are many hardships that can come from getting married outside the area you live in. For example, where will you get all your licensing completed, what is the weather like, and how do you plan for a wedding when you are hundreds of miles away. This information and more can be easily found online. 

All You Need to Know About Marriage in the Land of Enchantment

The most important step in getting married will be ensuring that you are legal to do so. This is where you will need to go and fill out an application for a marriage license. And because of the needs and laws of the states it is not something you can do online but only in person. The place you need to go would be the County Clerk's Office in the county you will be getting married in. For instance, if you are planning on getting married in Lincoln county then you would go directly to the Lincoln County Clerks Office online for more information about where to go and what to bring.

For instance, this site will tell you that the fees associated with your license will be only $25. This is by far one of the cheaper states to be married in. Also, it will inform you that you must be 18 years of age in order to get your marriage license without the permission of your parents or legal guardians. You will also need to make sure you bring certain documentation along. For a complete listing of addresses and phone numbers of all County Clerks in New Mexico you can go to the New Mexico Secretary of State's site. Here you will find where to go and even who to call.

In order to get married in New Mexico you need to bring proof of ID as well as your birth certificates. This information is important from both parties as such things as your parents' information is needed on your marriage license.  Also, both parties must be present during the application process. All the other documentation you must bring will greatly depend on whether or not you were previously married.

For example, if you were married before and it ended in Divorce then you will need to bring a copy of the Divorce Decree. If this previous marriage took place in New Mexico as well you can go to the New Mexico Division of Vital Records to get a copy of your decree if you no longer have one. If not then you will need to search out the vital records division on the state you were married in.  However, if you are a widower, or your marriage was annulled then you will also need to provide official proof of that as well.

Other than that it must be said that getting married in New Mexico is quite simple compared to other states. There will be no requirements to get blood tests; any licensed or ordained clergyman can perform your marriage as well as any one of the Justice of the Peace's found in this great state. But once you have figured out and completed all of this licensing and legal work you must then look at the circumstances that will surround your wedding.

If you do not live in this state you will want to consider the temperature.  If you plan wedding attire more fit for a climate that is cold then your wedding party may have problems after the first half hour in the heat of New Mexico. This is just one example of how it is important to plan ahead with every step of your wedding. So before you get too far make sure you go online and find out all you can about the state. You will be able to discover information like the best places to stay during the ceremony as well as listings of all the great scenic spots that many choose to say their vows at.