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Getting Married in New Jersey

The Garden State of New Jersey is more than just the New York City area. It is a fact that the Jersey shoreline is one of the most scenic and interesting places on the eastern seaboard.  For those who are visiting Atlantic City or just vacationing in some of the very beautiful natural areas in the state and who plan on getting married in New Jersey, it's always a good idea to do a bit of preplanning before the big day.

New Jersey marriage licenses and New Jersey marriage applications are governed generally by state law and regulation, though each of the counties in the state are allowed to adjust certain requirements for licenses, fees and other issues according to their own needs. If there are any questions about any specific rules or processes, a good site to visit is the New Jersey State website.

Marriage and More in the Garden State

Some marriage license issuance offices will require an appointment, so check beforehand in order to make sure the particular office in question either accepts appointments or walk-ups. There are no residency requirements in order to get married in New Jersey, which is in keeping with the general trend across the United States.

Something unusual is that the application for marriage license must be undertaken in the clerk's office in the county or municipality where the bride resides, if she is a resident of the state. If she isn't a resident but the groom is, then it will be necessary to apply for New Jersey marriage licenses in that municipality or locale. If both persons are nonresidents, application needs to be made in the town or locality where the wedding ceremony will be performed.

Photo identification requirements are standard, and that a driver's license or state-issued photo ID card can be used for getting married in New Jersey. Also, certified copies of birth certificates will need to be provided whenever possible. Passports are also acceptable in lieu of licenses, birth certificates or state ID cards and both parties to the wedding will need to supply their Social Security numbers if they are United States citizens.

Fees for New Jersey marriage licenses are very reasonable and will run around $28, though each county is free to set its own fee schedule for such items. Most counties and municipalities who issue licenses accept cash only, especially in the Atlantic City area, which is home to more than a few casinos and places in which to be married.

Persons who were married previously and who are thinking about getting married in New Jersey will need to be able to provide some form of documentation that the previous marriage was dissolved in some fashion. This generally means that a certified copy of a divorce decree or a death certificate, in the unfortunate circumstance of a marriage ending because of the death of a spouse, will need to be provided.