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Getting Married In New Hampshire

Getting married is both wonderful and stressful at the same time.  With all that must be done it is not uncommon for some things to be forgotten.  But when it comes to the legalities of marriage there is no place for forgetting.  This is why you should always start your wedding plans with looking into the state laws and regulations surrounding marriages in the state you are planning your nuptials in.  Are you getting married in New Hampshire?  This is one of the few states that will require many different licenses so it is best to look into this early.  And because we now have the internet at our finger tips this process no longer has to be time consuming or stressful.

You will find all the information you need about getting married in this beautiful state in a pamphlet provided by the NH Division of Epidemiology & Vital Statistics, Bureau of Vital Records. This pamphlet is great as it goes over everything you need in order to ensure you are legally allowed to be married. But don't let this all stress you out. Like any other license procedure, getting your marriage license does not have to be difficult. Here is some more information about the licensing requirements, applications, and fees involved in having your wedding in the state of New Hampshire.

Getting Hitched In The Granite State

As explained in this literature given by the Bureau of Vital Records, you do not have to be a resident to be married in this state.  All you need to start with is to fill out a marriage application in the city or town you will be married in. All you need to do is ensure you meet all the statutory requirements listed below.

When you go and apply for your marriage application you must be sure to have both parties present. Each person will be required to sign the application as well as provide documentary proof of who they are. The only exception to this rule is if one of the applicants is in the Armed Forces. In these cases a signed affidavit of intent to be married that is prepared by the Armed Forces legal division will suffice. Also, information you will need to provide will include names, dates, and places of birth of both sets of parents of the parties involved. Here are a few of the documents you will need to bring with you in order to complete you're application. For a full list of information visit the NH Bureau of Vital Records and look at their Marriage Pamphlet.
  • Proof of age
  • Certified copy of death certificate of former spouse if you are a widow
  • Certified copy of divorce decree if you were married previously
  • Certified copy of annulment decree if you were married previously and it was dissolved through an annulment
The fees will be the same throughout the state of New Hampshire. In order to get your marriage license you will need to pay a $45 fee.  While other states may charge you more and even less, it is up to the discretion of each individual state to decide on these matters.  But what makes getting married in New Hampshire a bit different than other states is the information you are provided to help you get a good start to your new life. For instance, when you visit the city or town clerk they will provide you with information like a listing for Family Planning Services, information on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and information on AIDS. And this is just one of the many different points you will see when it comes to getting married in New Hampshire.