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Getting Married In Nebraska

Are you getting married in Nebraska?  We all look forward to our wedding day. Some of us even dream about it from when we are very little. It is suppose to be one of the most important days of our lives. While this is true there is a lot of preparation that must be done that is not always thought about in those dreams of white lace and rose petals. One of the most important and often over looked steps is to make sure you have your marriage license. And because this is often overlooked it is saved for last. The only problem with this is that each state has different laws about marriage. Don't make the mistake that many others do. Make getting your Nebraska marriage licenses your first priority as well as looking into the laws of the state you will be married in.

Did you know that only those 19 years of age or older may apply for Nebraska marriage licenses as an adult. If you are 17 or 19 then you must have parental permission to marry. In most other states the legal adult age is 18. This is a common mistake made amongst those getting married in Nebraska, but especially by those that are not a residence of that state. While anyone can be married in this beautiful part of the country even if they are not a resident, those that do must abide by all their marriage laws. 

So if you are 18 then make sure you show up with a valid consent form filled out and signed by your parents or legal guardians. In fact, you can even go to any county office online and get a consent form downloaded online. For example, if you are planning on being married in Douglas County then you can get your consent form at the Douglas County Clerks.  Once there you can scroll down to the section on legal ages and click on the consent form link.  Also, if you are in a same sex relationship this is not a state for you to be married in as they have yet to change their laws allowing such marriages.

Forms, Licenses, and Information for Getting Married in the Cornhusker State

Like many states out there you can go directly to the County Clerks office of the county you will be married in. A listing of all the county clerks and their requirements on marriage can be found at the main Nebraska Government site. Once there you can do a search for marriage license and you will be directed to a search page that lists each county with a full list of requirements. 

Some of the requirements you will find will include ensuring you bring a picture ID that shows your full name as well as something that shows where and when you were born.  You may also need to show proof of your parent's names and their places and dates of birth. Also, if you were ever married before you will need to show proof that they were annulled or divorced. Do not forget to bring your social security cards. These are quite standard requirements in most states. But one important fact that is different than most states is that your marriage license is good for one year in Nebraska. Most other states allow the marriage licenses to be valid for much less time. So if you are planning on being married in Nebraska then you can plan ahead well in advance and get your license early as well.