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Getting Married In Missouri

Getting married can be difficult enough without all the headaches and worries about the legalities of it.  And whether you are getting married in Missouri or Kentucky you will find that every state had different laws. So being well informed will save you more than you know.  For instance, while one state will require that you get your license in the actual town you are planning your nuptials in others will have different requirements. The best places to start when you are searching for information about states laws and regulations is always with the official government website for that state. In this instance it would be the Missouri Government website.  Here you will get a great start on learning what you need and where you need to go in order to make this blessed day happen.

Forms, Licenses, and Information About Getting Married In The Show-Me State

In Missouri you can only get a marriage license issued by the Recorder of Deeds. And each county has its own Recorder of Deeds for you to see. And regardless of whether or not you are a resident of Missouri you will always be allowed to marry here.  What you will find is easy about getting married in Missouri is that they do not require too much paperwork to get your license completed. All you need to do is bring along with you proof of identification that lists your names and dates of birth as well as a valid social security card. However, because some counties may have additional requirements you will need to visit the Missouri Recorders site to see which ones will apply to you.

Just be aware that you must be 18 years or older in order to be allowed to apply for a license in the Show-Me State.  While this never was an issue there have been changes to the state laws in recent years. But what these laws also state is that if you want to get married between the ages of 15 and 18 you must first have the consent from your parents or legal guardians.  For those that fall below the age of 15 they can only be married via a court order from the circuit court.

Other facts include the requirement to have your license before you get married, the person that performs the marriage must return the license within 15 days of the marriage, and the license is only good for 30 days after the date it was issued.  This last bit of information is very important because some states allow six months or more before a license expires so make sure you have your dates straight.

Another important tip to remember is that it is very important to your future to have official certified copies of your marriage certificate. For these copies and more you can visit The State of Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. This is where you will get all the vital records information you need to get your copies.

As far as the fees go for your license you will need to go directly to the Recorder of Deeds website for that county. For example, if you were getting married somewhere in Andrew County then you would go to the official Andrew County Recorder of Deeds website. This is where you will find the names and numbers to those that can give you the information concerning fees. However, on average you will pay about $58 in fees if you are over 18 years of age.

When you go online for information about Missouri Marriage Applications you will not only be saving a lot of stress but in many cases a lot of money. This is especially true when you do not live in that fine state. The reason for this is because most of what you need to do in order to get your license will require that both you and the other party go there in person.  Just imagine all the wasted trips because you were not prepared.

But another great example of how you can save stress is by knowing that this state does not require medical or blood tests. While most people consider this to be a throw-back to the Stone Age there are states that still require it. Just don't go making that medical appointment until you find out for yourself.

Other bits of information you will want to remember to look up include who is allowed to perform the ceremony. While most states allow a Justice of the Peace, you may find that Missouri does not. 

Weddings are supposed to bring memories that last a lifetime and for many, they only happen once. So rather than hope for the best why not go online today to find out exactly what is important to your wedding taking place without a hitch.