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Getting Married in Maine

The great far northeastern state of Maine (sometimes known as "The Pine Tree State") has a lot going for it, not least of which is that it can make getting married in Maine a fairly straightforward process when a bit of prior research and planning has been done in order to ensure that obtaining the actual license will be as stress-free as possible.  Keep in mind that it's always a good idea to start the ball rolling as far as paperwork and such at least a few weeks out from the big day.

There also is no residency requirement in order to get married in Maine, though in-state residents generally must apply for Maine marriage licenses in one of the towns in which either of the couple lives.  Other than that, the state welcomes visitors and tourists to come and be wed in a state which is widely recognized for its natural beauty.

Forms, Licenses, and Information for the Pine Tree State

When it comes to identification that needs to be presented to obtain Maine marriage applications or licenses, the state has two sets of requirements; one for those over 24 years of age and another for those under that age.  Those falling into the first category need only present a driver's license or other government-issued photo ID. 

Those in the second group will also need to provide a certified copy of a birth certificate or a passport and a Social Security number. Anybody desiring to get married in Maine and who was previously married will need to produce a certified copy - with a raised seal - of the divorce decree or - in the case of the death of the spouse - a certified copy of the death certificate.  There is not waiting period when it comes to getting married in Maine and there are also no premarital physical exams or blood tests that are needed to be accomplished.

Maine marriage licenses run around $30, and cash is the only method of payment accepted in all of the counties and towns in the state.  Currently, Maine does not recognize the validity of same sex marriages and does not issue licenses when it comes to such ceremonies.  There are several states that now allow such ceremonies.

For those persons 16 and 17 years of age who desire to get married in Maine, they will need to obtain parental consent.  A judge and the parents are the only persons who can grant written permission for someone younger than 16 to marry.

As far as the ceremony itself, the state requires that two witnesses be present at the marriage ceremony.  They will attest to the fact that the marriage ceremony took place, in effect.  Persons in Maine who can perform weddings include ordained ministers and clergymen licensed by the state, notaries and members of the Maine State Bar.

Maine marriage licenses are valid for 90 days from the date they are issued.  There are also a number of good websites and businesses out there that can help to expedite the license application and approval process.  Take some time to research them.