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Getting Married in Louisiana

From the beautiful bayou and Delta region down near New Orleans all the way up to the northern reaches of the state, Louisiana, which proudly bears the nickname "The Pelican State" can create a great state of mind that naturally pulls one to the thought of getting married in Louisiana, especially when visiting or vacationing with a significant other.  If such thoughts have been coming up, remember that most marriage experts recommend that planning for getting a license and such be started at least thirty days out.

When it comes to Louisiana marriage licenses, the first that needs to be understood is that there are no residency requirements in order to get married in Louisiana.  This is fairly standard across the United States nowadays and nothing to become overly concerned about. 

Forms, Licenses, and Information for the Pelican State

When it comes to the kind of identification that will need to be presented to get married in Louisiana, driver's licenses or other government-issued photo identification will be required along with certified copies of both persons' birth certificates.  Also, don't forget to be ready to supply Social Security numbers when they're requested.

Along with the above verification documents, Louisiana marriage licenses issuing requirements also mandate that persons applying for licenses also have the parents' full names, each mother's maiden name and the states in which each person to be wed were born.  For general information on such requirements there are a number of websites that go a bit more in-depth

People looking to secure Louisiana marriage applications who have been married in the past will need to be prepared to supply certified copies of the final divorce decree or a death certificate in cases where the spouse in the previous marriage passed away. 

The state also allows a "covenant marriage option", which is what some might call a "super strength" marriage that can be a bit more difficult to dissolve later on down the road.  Covenant marriages are generally for those who intend to remain together pretty much forever, after attending premarital counseling and have a Notary witness the covenant declaration of intent.

For residents of the state who intend on getting married in Louisiana, there is a 72-hour waiting period from the time the license was issued to the time the marriage ceremony can commence.  Out-of-state visitors are not required to adhere to this waiting period, and residents can petition a judge to be released from the 72-hour requirement, if needed.

Louisiana marriage applications and license fees come in at a quite-reasonable $25, though each county (called a parish in Louisiana) in the state can set its own fees above that amount, if desired.  Additionally, there are some parishes that take only cash, so don't make the mistake of showing up with just a credit card, as that can make for a long day, in some cases.

There are no premarital blood tests or other public health examinations that are required in order to get married in Louisiana.  Additionally, those thinking about a same sex marriage will need to find another state, and several do allow such marriages, in order to wed as Louisiana doesn't permit them. 

For those younger than 18 years of age, and are 16 or 17 years old, the presence and affirmation via signature of both parents will be required except in cases where the parents are divorced.  In that case, a certified copy of the divorce will need to be brought along.  Persons under 16 may wed only by court order.  All marriage licenses issued in Louisiana are good for thirty days from the date of issuance.

All in all, Louisiana marriage licenses are fairly simple to obtain once all the preplanning has been done.  There are several websites on the Internet that specialize in assisting people with forms, paperwork and other issues.  It is a good idea to visit one of them.