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Getting Married in Kentucky

Kentucky is known as the Bluegrass State and it can be a great place to sightsee, visit or live.  It has a wide range of scenic locales and its great natural beauty and easygoing charm has tempted more than a few people to get hitched on short notice, so to speak.  If the idea of getting married in Kentucky seems like an alluring prospect, just realize that most marriage mavens say it's best to start the pre-marriage planning process about thirty days out from the big event.

The Bluegrass State being what it is, it realizes that the urge to wed can hit at any time, especially when visiting beautiful Louisville or other parts of the state.  For this reason, Kentucky doesn't mandate a residency requirement. This can make the idea of joining in wedlock with another quite attractive, but remember that each county in Kentucky may have slightly different requirements for Kentucky marriage licenses than what the minimum requirements are as set by the state.

Forms, Licenses, and Information for the Bluegrass State

As far as the kind of documentation that one should bring when it comes to Kentucky marriage applications, the minimum that need be supplied is a government-issued piece of identification such as a driver's license or the like.  Additionally, bringing along Social Security cards, birth certificates and similar documents can smooth things out should something unexpected crop up.

If one or both parties to the hoped-for marriage have been married in the past and hope to go about getting married in Kentucky, most counties will require some sort of documentation to prove that the previous marriage has been dissolved, either through divorce, annulment or the death of the spouse, should that very unfortunate event have taken place.

There is no waiting period in order to get married in Kentucky and there are no premarital blood tests or other public health examinations to slow down the marriage licensing process.  Also, any license issued is valid for thirty days from the date it was first issued.  It can be used in any county.  A good site that can discuss general Kentucky marriage licenses issues is the

Fees are fairly standard as far as such things go.  $36 dollars will normally handle everything, though specific fees can vary from county to county.  Kentucky is also pretty flexible when it comes to forms of payment, with cash, certified check, cashier's checks or money orders being accepted.  Personal checks are not, though; so don't expect to obtain the license with such a form of payment.

Persons younger than 18 years of age will need to obtain parental or legal guardian permission (16 and 17 year olds; nobody younger than that may marry), and if the parents are divorced it will be necessary to supply custody documents to prove a sole parent has the legal ability to give such permission. In some cases, pregnant minors may apply to a district court judge to get married in Kentucky without parental consent. Same-sex marriages aren't legal in the state, though there are now several other states around the country that do allow such ceremonies to be performed.