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Getting Married in Kansas

The Sunflower State - better known as Kansas - is a land of long, flat sections and other areas of rolling hills and sun-blessed fields.  It has great natural beauty and cosmopolitan sophistication, which is why it can be a great place in which to think about getting married in Kansas.  Most marriage experts always recommend that people considering such a move, regardless of state, always try to begin getting everything squared away - paperwork-wise - at least thirty days out from the big day.

The great news when it comes to Kansas marriage licenses and the like is that the state doesn't have a residency requirement, so if a vacation to some of the great parts of the Sunflower State leads to the people doing the vacationing coming to the conclusion that the time ripe to get married in Kansas, they can pretty much do so as soon as is convenient.

Forms, Licenses, and Information for the Sunflower State

When it comes to forms and other paperwork necessary to getting married in Kansas, there are a number of different ways to handle the issue.  The one single way in which NOT to handle it is by showing up at the Kansas marriage license issuing office on the day of the hoped-for wedding to apply for such a license.  That never turns out well for anybody.

Rather, what can be done is to check out license requirements and the like ahead of time, perhaps by going online to the Internet and looking for websites that have information about Kansas and its marriage requirements. A good general information site is the Also, there are several good websites that have all the forms needed -- and will even help handle the process from A to Z -- in order to get the job done, so to speak.
The first thing that needs to be understood is that while the process that enables one to get married in Kansas is fairly straightforward, with state laws generally being the controlling authority, there are small variations in such laws from county-to-county when it comes to something like Kansas marriage applications. 

Still, it's easy enough to obtain the license if the proper documentation is ready to go.  First of all, the license issuing authority at the county level doesn't require much in the way of photo documentation other than a standard-issue government identification card that has a photograph, plus the Social Security number. 

Additionally, both parties to the marriage don't have to be present in order to obtain the license. If only one can make it, just make sure all of the documentation for the other person is brought with you to the clerk's office. In the state, Kansas marriage licenses are issues at the District Court Clerk's office in any county.

Keep in mind that if there was a previous marriage, the person who was once married will need to be able to supply the date of the final divorce decree or the death of the spouse, in the unfortunate event that that was how the other marriage ended.  In some counties, there is a 30-day waiting requirement from the issuance of a final divorce decree before that person can remarry.

The fee when it comes to Kansas's marriage licenses is a very reasonable $50 for the license itself plus a surcharge of $25 that goes to the state's general educational fund.  Cash is normally the only accepted form of payment, though there are a few counties that may accept credit cards.  All applicants who desire to get married in Kansas need to know that there is a three day waiting period from license issuance until the ceremony can be performed.

In Kansas, persons as young as 15 may marry, though the license requirements can be a bit more involved.  For any person younger than 18, there are a few requirements such as the need to obtain parental or legal guardian consent or the permission of a judge or other duly sworn officer of the court.