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Getting Married in Indiana

For those thinking about tying the knot in the Hoosier State -- which is what Indiana is more familiarly known as -- the process can be relatively straightforward and pretty much stress-free, especially when the duties are handed over to one of those websites are companies that take care of everything for you beforehand. Getting married in Indiana, though, still might require a bit of preparation, which most experts say should begin at least a month out.

Also, understand that each county within the state may have marriage license laws and regulations that vary just slightly from those of the overall state marriage license laws and recommendations, so it's always a good idea to head over to a website that lists specific county by county laws or recommendations.

Forms, Licenses, and Information for the Hoosier State

As far as getting married in Indiana goes for its residents, those folks will need to apply for Indiana marriage licenses in the county in which one of them lives. Otherwise, nonresidents can apply in the county in which they intend to be married. Identification requirements are pretty simple, and normally acceptable forms of ID will consist of standard items like a driver's license or other state-issued picture ID that shows a current address and a date of birth.

For anybody who's been married previously, they will need to have information on hand such as how the marriage ended (i.e. through divorce, death of a spouse or annulment), and also the month and year in which the marriage ended. There are several counties in the state that require a certified copy of the divorce decree, which is a good reason to go to one of those websites that discuss getting married in Indiana.

There is no waiting period in Indiana, so for those whom the marriage bug has hit hard and is making them run out and get married right away, Indiana makes it exceedingly easy to do so. Additionally, there are no blood tests or public health exams that need to be accomplished before doing what it takes to become married in Indiana.

As far as license fees go, there is a two-tier system with residents of the state having to pay only $18 to be joined in wedlock. Out-of-state people or those coming from other countries that plan on being wed in Indiana will pay a $60 license application fee. Generally, cash is the preferred instrument and no county accepts personal checks.

For those persons who are younger than 18 -- meaning they are either 16 or 17 years old -- a certified copy of the person's birth certificate will be required. Those who are 17 will need to apply for the license with both parents being president or the parent who has legal custody, and they will need to sign a portion of the application that discusses parental consent.

16-year-old persons and also those who are 15 can get married in Indiana, though they will need to make a petition to the local Circuit Court by filling out what the state calls a "Permission to Marry" form along with a nonrefundable fee of $124. The judge in this circumstance may or may not decide to allow the marriage, and even if he or she doesn't the fee will not be refunded.

Indiana marriage licenses are valid for 60 days from date of issuance and folks who can perform marriages include clergymen, judges, magistrates and other type civil servants. Head over to the site for further discussion on Indiana marriage.