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Getting Married in Idaho

The Gem State -- more formally known as Idaho -- is a land of great natural beauty and scenic vistas wherever one stands and looks about. It is a perfect spot for outdoor recreation, camping, exploring and hiking in addition to having a very vibrant city life. For those contemplating marriage while staying in or visiting and vacationing in Idaho, it's a good idea to take a few minutes to learn a little about getting married in Idaho.

The first thing one should understand is that state laws, rules and regulations apply but that each county may have a slight variation in the laws of the county that pertain to things like Idaho marriage licenses. For this reason, it is recommended that one start on the process a few weeks ahead of time before taking the big leap.

Essential Information for Couples Getting Married in the Gem State

As far as residency requirements to get married in Idaho, there are none, so the state can make a great destination for those deciding that they want to join in wedlock in front of scenic mountains and other areas of wild natural beauty. Additionally, there is no waiting period and this can be a quite nice circumstance for those who have been hit by the marriage bug.

Identification requirements are fairly straightforward in that a person must present a drivers license or government-issued identification that has a picture on it, a certified copy of a birth certificate and your Social Security number. More than a few people have been stymied at the clerk's office by not having one or any of these items with them when they show up, so keep that in mind before arriving in the state.

If you or your significant other has been previously married, expect to have to supply the date of divorce or the date that your spouse passed away, if that is the unfortunate circumstance for why the previous marriage was ended. Also, there are no requirements for a pre--marriage education course or the like, so that is one less distraction to worry over, right?

Marriage license fees are very reasonable, especially when Idaho marriage licenses are applied for during the weekdays. At $28 on average, they are cheap at twice the price. For those wanting to get married all of a sudden, and it happens to be a Saturday and the county clerk's office is open, can expect to pay $45. Cash is the only form of payment that is accepted for Idaho marriage applications, by the way.

There are no blood tests or other physical exams in order to go about getting married in Idaho, but the state does require the couple to read & what it refers to as a pre-marriage AIDS pamphlet. For those persons under the age of 18 years (16 or 17 years old, in other words), proof of identification in the form of a certified copy of the original birth certificate, a passport or a drivers license or state-issued identification card will be required along with the person who is under age being accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, who must fill out and sign the Affidavit of Consent to Marriage of Minor form. Those under 16 years of age will also need a court order before they can get married in Idaho.

The license, once issued, does not expire and marriage performers can be ministers or priest of any religious denomination or judges or other designated officials such as mayors or the state's governor. All in all, it's very simple and straightforward to get married in Idaho. If there are any other questions, just go to the website at