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Getting Married in Hawaii

For those who have been contemplating tying the knot, how many have also not contemplated jetting off to a Pacific paradise like Hawaii to get married? The answer, probably, is just about anybody who's gotten married or is thinking about getting married have thought of this. A wedding ceremony on the beach at sunset on one of the state's beautiful beaches can't be beat. The Aloha State is world-famous for the number of people it attracts to get married. So if this is the case, take a few minutes to read up on what it takes to get married in Hawaii.

The first thing people should understand is that it's always better to plan ahead before arriving in the state for a wedding. Most experts recommend getting started on making things happen a few weeks beforehand. It's really not all that difficult to go about  getting married in Hawaii; it just requires a very small amount of planning before the big day.

Hawaii loves tourists who visit from other places, and is very welcoming of those who are going to get married while in the islands. For this reason, there is no residency requirement and most of the remaining forms and requirements are fairly easy to obtain -- if working through a web service that helps set up everything -- and then use and meet.

Important Information for Couples Getting Married in the Aloha State

As far as identification requirements go, for those 19 years of age and older the state only requires that a valid government identification or state issued driver's license be presented. Men and women 18 years of age or younger will need to present a certified copy of a birth certificate. That's about it as far as goes for supplying proof of identity.

People who have been married in the past will not need to supply any copies of divorce decrees or death certificates in the unfortunate event that the spouse in the previous marriage passed away during the marriage. They'll only need to have the date of the divorce or the date of the death of the spouse ready to present.

For those who are a little more curious about Hawaii's state laws and regulations about marriages performed in the state, they can go to the USMarriageLaws. There are also a number of quality websites that can help a person set up the ceremony to be performed by obtaining the forms and applications and then getting them submitted for a customer. Just check the Internet for such companies.

There are no waiting periods to get married in Hawaii, so if you and your significant other have become enraptured by the very large moon that shines over the beaches in the early evening, you can rush out and find a marriage performer the next day or even that evening if you are ready have the license and become joined in matrimony.

Fees to obtain Hawaii marriage licenses are fairly reasonable, and will normally run around $60 to get married in Hawaii. Cash is the only accepted form of payment, so bring a little of the green stuff with you when it's been agreed that getting married in Hawaii is the thing to do. There are also no blood tests or other physical examinations required.

For those persons under 18 years of age (16 or 17 years), written consent of both parents, a legal guardian or an order of the family court will be necessary to have the marriage ceremony performed. Hawaii does make provision for those 15 years of age, and the written consent of parents or legal guardians plus the written approval of a judge of the family court will be necessary before a wedding can be performed.

Hawaii has a very robust marriage performer industry, and those authorized to perform such ceremonies must be commissioned by the state through its Department of Health section. There are also a number of marriage license agents scattered around the state. Go to a good information website like the one at Just click on the state and in the applicable county in which the ceremony will be performed.