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Getting Married in Alaska

When it comes time for two people who are thinking of a wedding in the Land of the Midnight Sun - otherwise known as the great state of Alaska -- there are a few rules and regulations to keep in mind before getting married in Alaska. Generally, the rules aren't too intrusive or hard to adhere to, and soon enough man and woman will be joined as man and wife if all is done correctly.

Observe, first off, that marriage rules and regulations throughout the state may not be exactly uniform, and that each county or borough in the state may have slightly different variants of state law. Alaska is one state that allows for an application to be faxed or mailed in as long as it has been notarized by a duly authorized notary public. Additionally, the driver's license requirement is part of this notarization requirement.

Alaska marriage licenses are not dependent upon being a resident of the state, and many people have made the trek to the Land of the Midnight Sun to have a wedding performed in a state that is boundless and beautiful and ready to join men and women together in matrimony. Don't forget that if there has been a divorce within the past 60 days a certified copy of the decree will need to be presented.

There is generally a statewide requirement of a three day waiting period for issuance of license to performance of ceremony, so don't forget to plan accordingly if one is arriving in the state solely to be married. There is no blood or other medical tests required, and this is quite frankly a relief as those tests were a holdover from old public health concerns in the early 20th century, so there is no need to see a doctor for a blood draw prior to applying for a license.

Know What Forms and Documents You Need to Get Married in the Land of the Midnight Sun

When it comes to forms and documentation, it's always a good idea to have everything lined up ahead of time. It may be preferable to work with the services offered by certain online companies that have been set up to smoothen and expedite the process; this way the man or woman can concentrate on the more important aspects of getting married in Alaska.

When it's about fees payable to the state court ensuring authority in Alaska, expect to pay at least $40 for the license. Also, keep in mind that - at present - Alaska does not allow same-sex marriage ceremonies to be licensed. If the man or woman (or both) are under 18 years of age, a certified copy of the birth certificate for the person who is under 18 will need to be shown and both parents will need to be present in order for the ceremony to be performed.

The really interesting aspect when it comes to getting married in Alaskais that the state generally allows a wide variety of people to perform the ceremony, including the standard types such as a religious leader of a recognized organization, a judicial official and even a commissioned officer in the Salvation Army.