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Michigan County Marriage Records

If you have ever needed to search out and get your marriage records then you can know how hard of a task it can be.  Even with the internet you will find that not all state websites offer you online services. But if you have the benefit of living in Michigan, or you were married here then you are in luck. You can access your Michigan county marriage records right online. No more driving all over the state or even country in search of your official copies, you can now do it comfortably and securely from your own computer. Quite simply the fact that you can find these county-based marriage records and copies online will not only save you time and money but also any penalties that may come from needing a copy in a jiffy makes it a wonderful resource to use when the need arises.  

One of the main reasons why you need to show a certified copy of your marriage license would be when you are trying to change your name. When you get married and you want to take the name of your husband you must be able to send proof that you are in fact married to the Social Security Administration.  Visit this site for more information on what you need.  Also, when you marry someone from another country you will be required to prove that marriage with certified copies of your records. In fact, even if you that is going to live with your spouse in a different country you will still need a copy of the Michigan county marriage records from where you were married.

Before you even start your search you will want to have a few details on hand. For example, what was the maiden name of the bride, what is the full name of the groom and where did the marriage take place? These are just a few of the things you may need in order to conduct your search. Then the best next step would be to go directly to the Department of Community Health for Michigan, as this is where you can find out direct information about how to obtain copies and information.

Request Michigan County Marriage Records and Forms Online

For instance, you can find marriage records at this site that date back as far as 1867, and also find out all the different ways you can order this information and any copies that you need.  You can order these documents online, safely and securely or get them sent through the mail. This site also lists useful and helpful phone numbers if you need a hand at where to go for important documents and other similar things.  This is actually quite important as there are many people out there still that are not very computer savvy and those people can always use a helping hand. So don't ever be afraid to ask for help when searching for Michigan county marriage records.

But what if you need to look in a more specific location like when you are searching out Michigan Jackson County Marriage Records? This is a great question because not everyone wants or needs to go directly through state resources. For this you could just go right to the Jackson County website and find out all you need.  In fact, this is done quite frequently for those doing genealogy searches. With the advancement of technology and of the Internet, steady waves of do-it-yourself genealogy people have also sprung up. Rather than spend tons of money to hire a firm to do their family tree, people have discovered all sorts of new resources on getting their much-needed information, including marriage records.  What's more, when you go directly through the county or even city government you will find that it is a much cheaper affair than going through the state directories. 

For example, if you don't need a certified copy of your marriage records but would like to get a simple copy then you can get it for as low as .50 cents by just photocopying it. Resources like this are really invaluable to people that enjoy this type of pastime.  Even if you are unsure of how to get to that particular county or city government page you can always find it on NACo. The National Association of Counties is a site that is dedicated to listing all counties across the country. However, not all Michigan county marriage records searchers are doing it for the fun of it. 

Have you ever suspected that your significant other has been married before, or may still be married?  As sad and frustrating as it is, this is something that happens every day and rather than sit back and hope for the best, you too could go out and easily find this information out. Employers might also utilize this service to check out the background of a prospective employee.  You will even find that at times you will need copies of your marriage records for insurance purposes, the list simply is endless.

So whether you need Clinton County marriage records or records from any one of the counties in Michigan you can count on the fact that you can find them all and even obtain copies online or at the county records office. Just remember that you will also need to prove who you are and know the names of the bride and groom.