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Massachusetts County Marriage Records

Have you ever used the internet to make any purchases? Ordering things online has become very commonplace these days as more and more people realize the benefits of it.  But while they spend a lot of time ordering products, they also forget, or may not know that they can get services too.  Did you know that you can order Massachusetts county marriage records online?  You can find the entire county-based marriage records, get copies, and all the information you need with just a few clicks.

In this day and age you see more and more people moving farther away from home.  What use to only be done with much cash and extensive resources elsewhere in the country can now be done easily online.  For example, before you would have to know someone and have a job set up by him or her before you could move your family to a new location. But now you can just go online and find a place to live and a job in no time.  So with so many people moving around the country what you end up with is people being farther from where all their important records are kept. So what do you do if you have lost your copy of your Massachusetts county records in the move or just over the years?

Rather than running all over the country in search of these records or even spending all day on the phone you can now do it easily online.  The best place to start this search would be The Registry of Vital Records for Massachusetts. Here you will find out all sorts of information about what you need.  For example, if you have lost your own marriage records and need them for official purposes, or just like to have such documents on hand, you can do so right here easily.  This office holds all vital records dating back from 1952. You can order these of course online, but also by mail, in person, by phone, and even by fax.  This site is really one of the best in the country as it gives you tons of options for ordering your information. 

Request Massachusetts County Marriage Records and Forms

But what if you were married before 1952? If this is the case you would then have to visit the Massachusetts Archives. This is where they hold all the marriage records from 1841-1915.  Earlier records, and those found in between 1915 and 1952 can be found at each individual town or city office. For instance, if you were married in the Berkshire's in 1951 then you would get your Berkshire county marriage records in whichever town in that county that you were married in.  However, it is important to note that if you go through the Archives division for online services you will not have to pay any more than if you ordered by phone or in person. The price for your first copy is $45.00 and for any additional it is $37.00.  And you can conveniently use any major credit card for these purchases.

If this is too steep for you then you may want to check out the specific city instead. For instance, if you were married in Worcester Mass, you could go directly to the City of Worcester website. Here you will find that you can also order your records securely online but for only $14.00. With just a little more effort you can save yourself a lot of time and money.  But besides needing official copies of these records you will find that thousands of people also need this information for genealogy purposes, or simply for keepsakes.

You will find that the Registry of Vital Records also offers you a wonderful opportunity to get heirloom certificates. These are perfect to give as gifts after a wedding or just for an anniversary gift. Or just for a keepsake for you and your spouse. But if you are just looking for genealogy purposes you can go directly to the Massachusetts Health and Human Services, Genealogy Research center if you live in the area.  This place is really great for all of you family tree buffs. In fact, you will find that because genealogy research has become such an important part of our every day lives that many state governments have worked hard to add these types of features. 

For instance, have you recently been married or are about to get married? Did you know that in order to change your name to have your husband's last name you will need to officially change it through the Social Security Administration?  This government administration will require that you send along an official certified copy of your Massachusetts county marriage record to prove that you are in fact married. The reason for this is because in any other circumstances you would need to have the approval of a Judge in order to change your last name.  Just remember to be prepared with all the information needed.