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Maryland County Marriage Records

Need to get a copy of your marriage records in a hurry? While this is all well and good when you live in the city that you were married in, but it can be a nightmare if you live miles away or worse yet, on the other side of the country. What do you do when you need Maryland County Marriage Records and you live too far to get them?  The answer to this is that you can find your county-based marriage records, get copies, and all the information you need for the records online. No more standing in line and no more spending hours on the telephone. All you need is an internet connection and a few tips and tricks to sort you out. In fact, ordering copies of official marriage records is done by thousands of people every day online. Here are some interesting facts and information on how to obtain marriage records.

One of the number one reasons why people search out Carroll County marriage records and records from counties all over the state is when they are performing their very own genealogy searches. This is something that only those with money and time on their hands use to be able to do. However, with the ease of the information highway now everyone can do their family tree. For instance, MDGenWeb will help you get the information you need with Maryland County sites, resources, and all sorts of state offerings. It is the perfect place to start your search. But let's not get ahead of ourselves; why not learn a bit about the history of marriage records archives.

Years ago when the federal government began taking censuses, vital records have been safely tucked away. These records date back even before the 1900's.  Vital records are any official records that are kept by the municipality, county, state, or federal government. These records can record any major changes like deaths, births, and marriages. And because we saw back then the importance of keeping these records we can now see far back into our family histories. When you do a Maryland county marriage records you will be able to see who your great-great grandparent married, and how that family line goes on through the years.  In fact, these marriage records can become very important when there is more than one marriage with children resulting. 

But what this record keeping also does is allow us to show proof of an official capacity when needed. For instance, when a woman gets married it is very traditional for the bride to take the name of the groom. However, if you do not have a certified copy of the marriage record then the Social Security Administration will not officially change your name. The reason for this is because unless for marriage purposes, a person is not allowed to change their name that was given to them at birth unless allowed to by a Judge. 

Request Maryland County Marriage Records and Forms Online

So if you are searching for your Maryland records in an official capacity you will want to do more than just check with a popular genealogy site. A great place to start would be the Maryland Vital Statistics Administration. This is the area of the Maryland government that gives official or certified copies of all Maryland county marriage records for the years 1990 through to present. In order to obtain these records on or offline you will need to be able to provide a valid government issued identification with a photo. However, if you do not have this type of ID you can visit the site and see what they have for alternatives. 

Now while you can obtain these via the Internet this site does have a same day services.  If you provide them with all the documentation as well as a self-addressed envelope with stamp and fee, you can get same day service. This is great for those that are not comfortable using the Internet.  However, because these services are so secure you should not worry about it.

This is a site that is very quickly becoming popular with most all states in the country. They work with over 300 government agencies and only those official agencies will be accessed. What makes it so safe is that this site uses full encryption for all their transactions. This is the same type of software that banks use, so you know it's safe.  What's more, you can expect to get your Maryland county marriage records within the week.  But do keep in mind that there are additional fees involved for online orders.  This means that rather than just paying $12.00 per copy you will also be charged an additional $7.00 as well as $13.50 for rush orders. However, if you need to get records that come before 1990, the Vital Statistics site will have to go to the circuit court of the county in which the marriage took place.

For instance, if you are searching for copies or information on Montgomery County marriage records then you would need to visit the Montgomery County Circuit Court. On the other hand, what makes the internet so great is that you always have more than one choice.  If you would prefer, you can also go to the Maryland State Archives. In fact, this site is really perfect for those looking for copies of their own marriage records as well as those doing some family history research.

Did you know that the newest thing right now is to check up on your significant other to see if he or she has ever been married? Now while such background checks have been conducted for years, it once again goes to only those with the extra time and money on their hands to have them done. Do you have a new employee you want to check up on? Are you a landlord that wants to ensure they have safe tenants? Background checks are not only acceptable but they are almost expected.

However, what must be noted is the fact that not all information in your Maryland county marriage records will be viewable or obtainable to just anyone.  You will find that if you are conducting background checks for example, you will have to prove who you are. And if you are not directly related to the bride and groom then you will only be able to get just the general information off of those records.  For more information on Maryland's public record laws just go and visit the main Maryland State Government website.