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Maine County Marriage Records

Why do you need Maine county marriage records? If you have been or are planning to marry in Maine, you will need to become very familiar with these county-based records. State law mandates that prior to - and after - the wedding ceremony, both a license and a certificate of marriage be forwarded to the state for verification.

One of the first places to begin your search for county records is the Maine State government site. Here you will be directed to the Office of Health Data and Program Management. This is one place you can obtain certified copies of your marriage certificate. However, it is not available online. Instead, all you need to do is provide the name of the bride (maiden name), the name of the groom, where and when the marriage took place, and send it all and a check for $15.00 to the correct address.  However, if you prefer to do it all securely online like most people do you can do that at the Maine State Vital Records site.

This is the site that's most often used today. The reason for this is simply because it affords you with the option of getting all your records, including your Maine county marriage records online. What you will find out on this site is what dates you can order from as well as any costs, and how to order online.  For instance, here you can access information and records from marriages that took place between 1892 till 1996. However, it also goes on to say that the years between 1967 and 1976 are missing.

Looking for marriage records that are dated from 1892 to 1922?  For these you can go to the Maine State Archives. All copies of this information from these various areas of the Maine State government will cost you around $15.00. However, you online order will cost you a bit more.

But what if you want to get more specific like searching for Hancock County Marriage Records?  For these you can go directly to the NACo, or the National Association of Counties. Here you will find every single county in the state along with names, numbers, and websites you need to go to. The internet is known for having it all and that is not just when it comes to ordering goods.  Don't forget that you can also order important services as well.

Request Maine County Marriage Records and Forms Online

Perhaps you are in need of a name change after you got married, or maybe you just want to look ahead before the wedding to find out where to get your official copies. This is done by thousands of people every day around the country.  And while needing to have such copies on hand can be very hard, as we have turned into a nation of people that move all over the country, knowing where you can get them in a pinch is worth its weight in gold. In fact, there are so many reasons why you would want to either get copies or obtain marriage records information that you could spend a whole day researching this. Let's look at the more popular reasons first.

Have you ever looked into your family tree?  While many people dream of this more so are actually going out and doing it. This is not because it has all of a sudden gotten popular, but because of the internet and the ease of obtaining such information instead. Furthermore, if you are doing more than just a small project for your family tree then you can also go through the Main Historical Society to obtain official information regarding marriage records and more.

This favored pastime has even caught the eyes of major agencies like the Historical Society as well as the State Government. Try going on the Maine Government website and typing in genealogy into the search bar. You will find that most states now offer you genealogical services as well as their many other services.  This just goes to show how important marriage records can be to you other than to show you who you're married to.

But besides the more popular reasons to do a marriage records search you will also find a few more unofficial reasons.  For instance, have you ever thought about whether or not your spouse or fiancé has ever been married before? Or worse, do you wonder if they are already married? While we hope and pray that your significant other will always be truthful to you that is not always the case.

No matter what the reasons for keeping this information from you are you have every right to look into this very public information. In fact, even if you are just an employer wanting to do a bit of a background check, you will be able to access these marriage records and more. However, just bare in mind that some of the information will in fact be considered confidential so you will need to check the Maine State Vital Records site or any other government site for laws concerning public records searches.