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Louisiana County Marriage Records

We all love Louisiana. But over the years thousands of people have moved away from this area due to the floods and other problems. And still more have simply decided to relocate due to family issues or even for jobs. When this happens it can be stressful if you need to obtain official documents like your marriage records, especially if you move across the country. This is why many states like Louisiana make it so much easier for you by allowing you to order all your Louisiana county marriage records online. Here are some step by step ideas on how to get all the information that you need as well as some information on why you may need to see these records.

One of the best places to always start your search would be the official government website. In this case you would go to the Louisiana government website. From here you can go to the search bar and type in marriage records.  This will take you to the Louisiana State Vital Records site. This is where you will find out a lot of information on how to order what you need.  For instance, if you are looking to order any certified copies of Louisiana county records you will be told that you can do so through the State Registrar office. Here you will be able to see what you need in order to make your order online. You will also be shown how to get this information in person or even by phone. Just be aware that in most states like Louisiana you will have additional charges if you order online.

Request Louisiana County Marriage Records and Forms Online

Too many sites out there today try and get you to pay money. All of this information can be searched for free so be careful. Also, if you still want to search for your Louisiana county marriage records in a more official capacity but don't want to do it directly through the state government website you can go and do it by county. 

Need to find information pertaining to the county you were married in?  Go and check out the NACo website. Here you will find listings for all counties in the country. In fact, you will find all sorts of information on this site about the county in questions.  From the website of the county clerk's office to a whole array of phone numbers for important county officials, you should bookmark this page for future reference.   But besides the more typical reasons why you would need this information for genealogy purposes or simply to get a copy of your records for personal purposes, there are many other official reasons why you will want to have a certified copy on hand. 

For instance, if you were just married then you will be required to give this copy to the Social Security Administration if you want to take on your husband's name.  Visit this site to find out exactly what they need in order to make this change.  Also, if you or your spouse is an immigrant then the immigration office will require you to have certified copies of all your marriage records. Further still, you may find that there are other unofficial reasons why you would want to just conduct a Louisiana county records search.

Have you often wondered if your fiancé was ever married?  Everyone has reasons why they withhold information, but if you want to know for sure you can quickly and easily do a search online. In fact, more and more people these days do these types of records checks on everyone from potential employees to potential partners.  This is just another down side to the fact that people from all over the country can easily relocate.  What used to be a simple matter of trusting someone you have known all your life turns to having to find out for sure if this new person is telling the truth. And the internet gives you that ability.