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Kentucky County Marriage Records

Will you be spending your wedding and honeymoon at the Kentucky Derby?  This great state is known for many things but amongst them is for being one of the most beautiful and sought after states to be married in.  When this happens you will want to be sure you understand how to request Kentucky county marriage records securely online for a copy of your marriage certificate. This is not just because it is the easiest way to go but also because while many people marry and spend their honeymoon here, they go back home all across the country and years down the road lose their certificate.  So what will you do when you can't find your original copy?

Over the years you might need to have these documents handy to apply for certain government benefits and you can't find your marriage records? Don't feel bad, the vast majority of the people out there tend to loose their records sooner or later. But never fear, you can simply start by going to the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services. Here is a good place to start because like most state websites you will find an excellent genealogy section.

What you will find out here is that it is the Vital Statistics office that has all your marriage records on file from 1958 till the present. It also explains that you can order these records conveniently online, or if you so wish, by mail or phone. However, if the Kentucky county marriage records you are looking for fall before 1958 then you would need to go directly to the county clerks office in the county that the marriage took place. Just remember that not all information included in your marriage records will be considered public. There are many bits here and there that are in there that are of sensitive nature and therefore considered confidential. So before you order make sure you are qualified to look at the information you seek.

Order Kentucky County Marriage Records and Forms Online

Once you have navigated to the Kentucky Vital Records section of the main government website you will find a lot more information about obtaining your records securely online. For instance, this site explains to you that by law, this office has to provide you with a free records search, as well as genealogy search.  Also, this office cannot charge you simply to verify if a record or certificate is actually on hand.  All of this can be done without completing any application or of course paying any fee. However, bare in mind that before you request your Kentucky county marriage records you will need to provide the name of the groom, the name of the bride, the date of the marriage, and the county in which the marriage took place. Furthermore, you will be required to show the name and address where you want your certified certificate to be mailed, your phone number where you can be reached, and the number of copies you require.

Over the last few years genealogy has turned into a life's work for many people. And this is only due to the fact that such information as public county records is so readily available online. You can even start by going on government websites as the vast majority of them out there today will have special section simply devoted to the genealogy cause.  This really proves just how big this new favorite pastime has become.

Just remember that even with these sites you will want to hit them prepared with the proper information that was listed above like who got married and where.  But there are other reasons still why you would need to get such important documents to prove your married status. For example, if you have just gotten married then you will need to prove your new last name in order to change it through Social Security online.  Also, this is very important as well to those dealing with immigration paperwork.

So not only is it important to obtain a license before you marry but it's just as important to have copies of these records after the fact. Even if you've been divorced for many years you may find that you still need that documentation. From filling out retirement plan packages to enrolling in school and signing up for grants and loans, all of these occasions will call for proof of marriage.  What's more, you will never get a passport right now unless you can prove you are married.