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Illinois County Marriage Records

Do you know why you might need to request Illinois county marriage records some day? These records are official and legal documents that prove you were married. The records are in fact considered public records, and anyone can look at them.  While some people need their marriage records for their own use, others will want to get a peak at the marriage records of others.  And while it used to be quite a chore to get these records in the past, you can now safely and securely order these records online.  Here is some information about Illinois county records that will help you when you are in need.

First of all, it is important to note again that these records are considered public, and their uses are many. The reason for this is because it is the only documentation that proves you were married, and many state and federal agencies will require that you have this information available. So for some people it is very important to get a copy. But it's also used as a way to help track family history. With regards to genealogy, the use of marriage records is very popular.

Request Illinois County Marriage Records and Forms

Another common reason why you would need to track down and get copies of your Illinois county marriage records would be when you want to do a name change. Perhaps you just got married or are getting divorced. Either way, you will need to produce an official copy of your marriage records. Most often you can usually locate these documents and get copies at the state vital records office. However, when you visit the Illinois Department of Public Health, Division of Vital Records, you will find it's not the case. This office can only verify the facts of a particular marriage as long as took place no earlier than 1962. This service comes with a $5 fee. While you won't be able to get copies here for official use, it's the perfect place to start your genealogy project.

If you want official copies of documents, you will need to visit the specific county in which the marriage took place. On that same Vital Records website, you will find a listing of all the counties. For example, if the public county records you're looking for are in Madison County, then you will be directed to the Madison County Clerk's office where the fee is $10. Remember when you visit these sites to fill out your county marriage forms you will need information such as the maiden name and age of the bride, the name and age of the groom, as well as the date the marriage took place.

Also mentioned above is when you need to change your name. If you have just been married and want to change your name, you will need to visit the Social Security Administration in order to find out exactly what you need to get your name changed. Most often besides forms, you will need an official copy of your marriage records. While these are common reasons to conduct a records search, there are many other others that might surprise you.

Did you know thousands of people conduct background checks every day and among those records searched are marriage records? In fact, it is not just private investigators out there looking either. Many men and women perform searches on their new partners. This often happens to ensure their new love hasn't been married before. For this, you can try the Government Public Records Database, where you can get all sorts of important information. This is perfect whether you are looking into your significant others background or even if you are just an employer looking to hire a new person and want to get a bit of background information on them. 

However, while these records are considered public, not all the information found in them is. For instance, the law may state you only have the right to view and get copies of your actual marriage license, and the marriage license of your parents, spouse, child, grandparent, and siblings. But you can rest assured if you want to conduct marriage records searches on a boyfriend or girlfriend, as the general information in these documents is open to the public. The type of information found in these county marriage licenses would be the maiden name of the bride, sometimes the names of the individuals conducting the ceremony, and the name of the groom.

So when you are searching out county marriage information in the state of Illinois you will have many different avenues to choose from depending on what you are looking for. Illinois county marriage records can indeed be requested securely online with very little fuss.  Just remember to be prepared with the right information, and you should have the documents and data you want in as little as a few days and even a few moments in some cases. And lastly, before you go and spend any money on unofficial sites make sure that you are getting your money's worth. This means that if you can easily obtain information somewhere else for free then the site you are on is just not worth it.  When it comes to something as important as marriage records searches you do not want to get it wrong.