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Idaho County Marriage Records

Do you find yourself in need of Idaho County marriage records because you lost yours? While most of us are quite prepared for such events there are times we find ourselves missing valuable documents. From needing your marriage records to changing your name, to conducting background checks, knowing how to obtain these records is very important. Here is some information to help you find where to access this information online so that you don't have to work harder than you already do.
In the past when we needed records in the past from the Idaho State government, we used to have to go to the vital records division or to either the county or city clerk in the area we were married. We had to stand in line for hours or spend hours on the phone tracking down where we needed to go. Now, due to the computer age, we can get all this information in a few simple places. The trick is in knowing what information you need and why you're looking for it.

One of the biggest reasons people need copies of their Idaho County marriage records is for official purposes. While some may need to visit this site in order to get certified copies of their records for passport purposes, others will need it in order to get their name changed after marriage. When you have a reason that requires certified documents you can simply go to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. Here you will find the records you need. Also, to find out more about name changes, visit the Social Security Online site and download what you require. In fact, there are thousands of people all over the country each day that go in search of official copies of these documents in order to change their names.

When you visit the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare you will find that you can only get county marriage records that were filed from 1911 to the present. These include marriage and divorce records from 1947 to present. Just bare in mind that Idaho county marriage records are kept confidential for 50 years. This is very important because it can impact those wanting to look at certain information that is for people they are not directly related to. For more information on these rules and regulations check out their website so that you are prepared.

You can also see ahead of time what the fees are.  While some sites offer free services, you will have to pay for the services of the state when it involves certified copies. You would not want to get your hopes up only to find that it will cost you $13.00 just for a copy of your records, and an additional $10.50 if you are ordering via a credit card online.  This is just another great example of why it pays to always start your search for marriage records at an official website. Just remember that if you do not need this information for official reasons there are many free sites out there to choose from so don't waste your money if you don't have to.

For example, if you need to find out whether your significant other was ever married, you can find this information at each individual county clerk's office as without having to go through the state government. For instance, if you're searching for Blaine County marriage records, you can visit the Idaho County Clerk Listing. Here you will find each county clerk listed with a website you can visit to get what you need.  And because you are only looking for information and not copies of the records you will not have to pay a dime.

And if you would prefer not to go through a government site, you can still find many sites to help you. If you're doing a genealogy project you will find that many state websites now have a genealogy section. This is due in part to the overwhelming number of people that are now able to conduct genealogy projects. On the other hand, you can also visit one of the popular sites. Such resources include listings of county, city, and state sites to get information from, as well as tips on how to go about your genealogy project. These sites will be very invaluable to you if this is why you are searching out information on marriage records. Just remember every place you do your search at will have different regulations and requirements.

When you go to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare for example, you will need to show acceptable identification. This usually means you'll need an official photo ID from a driver's license or passport and in some cases you may need to prove your relationship to the person that the Idaho County marriage records belong to.  For example, if they are your records or those of your grandparents for your family tree project you may need to send proof of relation.  The reason for this goes back to the fact that this state considers all records of this type to be considered confidential for 50 years.

Order Idaho County Marriage Records and Forms Online

Now that know where to find marriage records, here is some information on ordering your Idaho county marriage records.  If you want to obtain copies of any official documents you will need to make your request in one of two ways. One is by mail, which will take about 5 to 7 business days to get them after the office has received your request. The second way is online or faxed. These last two are considered the same, and take less time. Also, this is where you will find the county marriage forms needed to make this request.