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Hawaii County Marriage Records

Did you know that Hawaii county marriage records can be accessed online? In fact, you can now get copies and general information very securely.  No more wasting precious time and money calling all over the country or, worse yet, driving all over the country for your records. The Internet now brings you what you need quite easily. But just how easy is it to find your county-based marriage records, especially if they are all the way in Hawaii?

You will find that thousands of people flock to Hawaii each year to get married. Not only is it one of the most beautiful places on earth, but very popular for nuptials as well. But what happens when you need to get copies or information off of your marriage records? It isn't like you can drive a few minutes out your door and stop in at the county clerk or town clerk's office. What used to take people weeks to do can now be done in a matter of days or even minutes. And this is all due to the Internet. A great example is if you're doing a family tree project and need information about your ancestors.

These types of sites are perfect for genealogy projects as they give you quick and reliable results.  From the names on the records to the dates and places of marriage, you will have your family tree filled out in no time. Also, you will find that many sites out there will give you free general information. But what other reasons would you need to get your marriage records for?  How about if you need to change your name after you are married?  This is in fact one of the number one reasons why people seek out copies of their Hawaii county marriage records. Furthermore, if you need to prove marriage when it comes to such official issues as immigration, you will also need to obtain copies. 

But realize that the basic information that you would get of a genealogy site will not be adequate enough for these last two reasons. For these you will want to visit a more official site like the County of Hawaii, or even the Hawaii State Department of Health.  With the County of Hawaii site you will only get information pertaining to that county. So if you were to say that you were married in Honolulu then you would need to instead get Honolulu county marriage records at the Honolulu County site. However, if you are like most people needing these copies in a more official capacity then going directly to the state is you best bet. You will find that this site is very helpful as it explains the fees as well as who is allowed to access the information. The site will also tell you what fees are involved.

Order Hawaii County Marriage Records and Forms Online

When you make a request via the Internet you will be charged $10.00 for the first copy, and because you ordered online you will also be charged an additional $1.50.  This is a much lower cost than having to spend all day on the phone or even flying there to get your records. Just remember that all the county marriage forms you need can be downloaded right on this site that also saves you a lot of time. However, this is not the only way to go about it.

As mentioned above, you can go directly to the county, but what if you are not sure how to find the counties you are looking for? There is a great site you can visit called the Vital Records Guide. Here you can find a listing of each and every state in the country. Once you click on the state of Hawaii, or any other state, you will get a full detailed description of how that state's vital records division works. This will save you in having to search through each county, or it will be able to at least point you in the right direction. Just remember that you may need to show proof of ID when needing anything more than general information.