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Georgia County Marriage Records

Georgia is known for their succulent peaches, as well as being known as the Empire State of the south.  But did you know that they also have a very comprehensive state government? When it comes to requesting secure Georgia county marriage records and information you will find no better state then this. From marriage records to death and birth records you can get them all conveniently in one place. And if it is official documentation you are looking for or you can go to various websites for general information for all sorts of research projects. But what do we need these documents for?

One of the biggest reasons why you would need, say, a Henry county marriage record, is for legal purposes  - especially if you want to change your name or you need to otherwise prove that you are married. One example of this would be if your spouse dies and you need to prove you want to claim any insurance benefits.  Another great example is when you are just married and want to change your name. If this latter one is the case then the best place to start would be the Social Security Online site. This is where you'll find out exactly which documents you need to prove what your new last name will be. 

Still other reasons why thousands of people go in search of these records is for background checks.  This could mean that you are an employer looking to hire someone new, you are a man or woman wanting to find out if your significant other was ever married, or if they are even still married. And you would even need copies of these records if you want to travel abroad with no problems. The list really goes on and on.  But although all of these reasons will bring you to the same needs, getting there will be a different trip each time.

When you do searches for Henry county marriage records you will find that not only will the prices vary but the manner in which you get them will vary as well. For instance, if you are looking for an official copy of your records or even just official information you would need to go to the Georgia Department of Community Health which can be found at the main government site.

Order Georgia County Marriage Records and Forms Online

At the Georgia Department of Community Health, you will be able to get marriage records that date from 1952 to present. If you have ever conducted any searches anywhere else in the county you will quickly realize that each state and even each county will keep records starting out in different time periods.  For all others not listed here on the Georgia site you would have to go to the Probate Court to get them. For instance, if you are doing a genealogy research project and have family members that were married before 1952, then the Probate Court should be your next stop.

Next you will want to find out what exactly you can get. What this means is that every state is different when it comes to whether or not these Georgia county marriage records are considered public record, and how they are regulated. For instance, in the state of Georgia, anyone can get a certified copy of the marriage license, but only the bride and groom can get a certified copy of the marriage license application. This is because the information on the application is more sensitive and is therefore considered confidential.

But with that said you will still need to come prepared even if you are getting public copies. For instance, you will need to know the full name of the groom as well as the brides' full name, and you will need to know what date they were married, and where they were married.  And you get this including actual search for just $10.00.  This is a great price considering many people pay up to twice that amount elsewhere in the country. However, like any other government records division you cannot order your records directly online. Instead, you can use the Internet to find the phone number and address to directly order your documents.

But there are other sites that can help you get online access to records such as Clayton County marriage records. As mentioned above you can find many sites online that can help you get the information you need about marriage records.

But besides for the reasons mentioned above, why do you think going the internet route is the best way to go when searching out online marriage records? Did you know that there are many places that will require you to have valid copies of marriage records? For instance, at times you will need to show proof of marriage if you want to go to school, apply for citizenship, and many workplaces will require proof of marriage if you are setting up a retirement plan that is mean to go to your husband or wife. Exact requirements revolving around these issues however will differ from situation to situation. But the most prevalent area mentioned today about records is through the genealogy search. 

Did you know that over a million people each year around the world conduct marriage record searches as a part of their family tree projects?  Although this subject was touched upon it was also saved for last simply because of the significance of this subject.  In fact, because of its extreme popularity you will find that the majority of state websites out there, including the main Georgia government website, has a genealogy section.