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Delaware County Marriage Records

Have you ever had to do a marriage records search before?  If you did it ten or more years ago then you would know how difficult and daunting a task it could be. However, did you realize that you can now get your Delaware county marriage records online, and do so securely? In fact, depending on how much information you need and what that information is you can even get it in as little as a few minutes.  There are so many reasons why one would need these types of records and even more ways to obtain them.

One of the first things to mention is it is very important to know some of the reasons why you would need to request marriage records information and copies ahead of time.  Preparation is the key. And at the top of this list would be someone that needs to get their name changed, or their passport.  When it comes to official paperwork such as name changes and passport applications, you'll need to prove who you are and whether or not you are married.  For instance, if you are a woman that just got married then you will need to go through the Social Security Administration for a name change if you are taking on your husband's name. But in order to do this you will need to obtain copies of your Delaware county marriage records in order to prove you were married and what your new name will be.

Order Delaware County Marriage Records and Forms Online

This of course brings us to how to obtain this information when you need it in a more official capacity. For this, the best way to start out would be to check out the Delaware County Archives. Here you will get a good start. This site explains where you need to go according to the dates in which the marriage took place. For instance, if you are searching for marriage records that are dated 1885-1929 then you can get them directly from this website. However, if you are looking for marriage records that date from 1929 till today then you need to go to the Register of Will, Delaware County Government website.

Once you have gotten to the proper website you will find that the price of ordering online is listed.  For example, if you just want a plain copy of your Delaware county marriage records then it will cost you $6.00 or less.